Wrap up your new travel role and give yourself the gift of job satisfaction in 2018

Forget the partridge in the pear tree, this Christmas give yourself the gift of job satisfaction and a new travel role in 2018.

If you’re mulling over more than the mulled wine to keep your spirits light this festive season, you’re in good company.

January is traditionally the busiest time of year for people looking for new travel jobs. Get ahead of the curve and start looking for a new travel role that will make you fulfilled and happy in the new year.

Here are our top 6 tips that will guarantee you’re ready to tackle the challenge of a new travel role in the new year:

Do you really need a new travel role?

First assess whether it’s really a new job you require or whether it’s just a new employer? Are you doing what fulfils you? Do you share the same values as the travel company for which you work? Evaluate what is making you unhappy about your current situation so that you can inform the change you seek and make the right choices.

Update LinkedIn and other SM profiles

One of the first things a prospective employer or recruitment consultant is going to do is stalk you online. Make sure that you have updated your LinkedIn and Social Media profiles to reflect the person you want to be portrayed as. That includes updating privacy settings so that your last night on the town isn’t on display for all and sundry to see.

Streamline your CV

This one is quite obvious. Your CV is your calling card so make sure it is a fair and complimentary representation of your skills and experience. Resist the urge to be wordy and remove any excess detail that will not add value to the travel role you are looking for. Check out Progressive’s website for our CV template for further guidance.

Identify recruitment partners

Make a short-list of recruitment partners with whom you would like to work. Progressive Travel Recruitment specialises in the travel industry and has the networks and expertise to assist candidates to find travel roles that suit them. Look for a travel recruitment professional that has actually worked in your industry as they’ll understand your unique requirements better.


Get your references checked

Julie may have been a valuable referee five years ago, but would she remember how exceptional you were as a staff member? Update the references on your CV and follow up with your referees so that they are aware you’re on the hunt for a new travel role and to double-check their contact details.

Keep track of your applications

There’s nothing worse than applying for multiple roles only to be called back many days later with interest but not being aware of which travel role they’re actually talking about. Keep track of your applications so that you’re not caught on the back foot. Keeping track also ensures you can follow up properly.

So, now the Christmas countdown is in full swing, delegate the turkey stuffing and last-minute Christmas shopping to someone else and get stuck into preparing yourself for a year of job satisfaction in 2018.

In fact, you can kickstarted today by simply visiting our website and submitting your CV. What are you waiting for?