Why travel industry headhunters find the best executive candidates

If you need a new top level exec for your travel company – maybe a marketing manager, or a director of sales, or someone with a high level of experience at director level to inject new growth into your travel business – where’s your first port of call?

It’s likely to be a travel recruitment agency of some description. But do you really know how they find you candidates? We’ll let you into a few secrets of the recruitment industry. Some executive recruiters will literally just be posting a job ad for you – is that good value for money? Probably not – after all, you could have done that yourself. These days, it’s travel industry headhunters who you should be engaging with.

Executive searches need specialist recruiters

What makes some agencies a cut above, is their network. As a specialist travel recruitment company director, I ensure all my travel recruiters understand the industry. I tend to employ people who have worked in travel before, like me and my fellow directors Tony Macdonald and Fiona Morrison-Arnthal; the advantage is obvious: we know the business from both sides. We’re also a global company – recently opening up in the US and Canada, and offices on 4 continents. We have a thorough knowledge of relocating staff, employing globally, and how the travel industry links up from country to country. In short, we’re travel experts. And for those areas that aren’t our speciality, we hire a specialist, who recruits for all travel technology and IT positions.

Travel headhunter

But that travel knowledge doesn’t automatically make us expert recruiters. I know that you rarely find the best candidates by advertising alone. I’m a people person, and make it my job to get to know as many travel companies as I can. We work with hundreds already, and add more to our client base all the time. We recruit for SMEs and global corporations. But our approach is always the same – to find the best person to fit the role. Sounds obvious, but it’s not always easy.

Increasingly, over the last few years of recruiting, the market has turned in the favour of candidates. This means us travel recruiters have to work harder. Fine by me. For us, this has meant a huge increase in travel industry headhunting. Many of the best candidates these days are passive – they’re not actively job-seeking, but can be swayed if the right opportunity comes their way. It’s my job to know these people, and to nurture relationships with the best in the business. Then, if a fantastic opportunity comes up, they’re grateful that I suggest them for the role.

Travel industry headhunters

Travel industry headhunters such as Progressive Travel Recruitment use a variety of methods to find the right person for each job. We’re not going to divulge all our secrets, but the basic method is great communication, a great reputation (have a look at our testimonials – don’t take my word for it), and professionalism. We don’t do sales jobs on people – we know when a genuinely good opportunity is there, and we act on it.

If you’re looking for a new top travel executive for your company, give us a call. It’s headhunting skills, knowledge of executive travel roles across the industry, and great connections that we take pride in, and that in turn will benefit your business.

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