Want to work for a global travel recruiter?

We’re always on the lookout for new global travel recruiter talent here at Progressive Travel Recruitment. Director, James Roberts values direct experience in the travel industry as he feels it gives a better insight into who you’re recruiting for, but we’re also open to those with varied career paths. My previous career, for example, includes time spent in the police force as well as experience in asset finance, as well as travel.

My colleagues and I all share a passion for travel and the travel industry. One reason I joined the company is because I was stuck working on UK roles, and joining Progressive Travel Recruitment meant the opportunity to become a global travel recruiter, working with candidates and clients based all over the world.

Travel is a fast-moving, vibrant and fun industry, which makes the vacancies interesting to recruit for. It’s also varied, working one day with global brands and the next with small boutique travel operators.

Team spirit

One of the best things about working for Progressive Travel Recruitment is our team. Despite being located across the UK and abroad, we are only ever a Skype message or phone call away, so enjoy a supportive working relationship. We try to meet up as frequently as possible, too, which is always a lot of fun.

The opportunity to be a remote worker is brilliant. I can literally work as a global travel recruiter from anywhere within a reasonable time zone that has a WIFI signal, which is great when you fancy a change of scenery. Being a remote worker has many benefits, such as no daily commute to the office (mine used to be a 3-hour daily commute to the City of London when I worked in finance), your own office space and fewer distractions, which is great for productivity. On a personal level, I enjoy the flexibility that remote working gives me – it means I can have a dog, which I love. I can walk him at lunchtime, and give my brain a reboot in the fresh air.

Work culture

We are a close-knit team, and everyone’s contributions are recognised. Everything you do as a global travel recruiter or part of the support team has a tangible impact on the business; there are definitely no slackers here! Recruitment is fast-paced by nature and the demands change constantly, so we are highly responsive and adaptable with no two days ever being quite the same. As a team, we all work incredibly hard and sometimes the hours can be long, but we strive to support one another and celebrate each other’s achievements.

We’re a dedicated and knowledgeable team, and are given the right tools and training to succeed; we’re also generously rewarded for hard work. The Progressive Travel Recruitment brand is respected in the industry and our reviews are testament to our fantastic team and service.

Social responsibility, diversity and inclusion

The company is Progressive by name and progressive by nature. Founder James Roberts and co-director Tony Macdonald both have a genuinely modern vision which is demonstrated in our remote working policy. In reality, a lot of employers still have an inherent fear of allowing their staff to work from home. This was one of the things that really stood out to me when I was researching the company before joining, having found previous employers falling behind the times in this area.

Progressive Travel Recruitment is also actively charitable, particularly supporting Rueben’s Retreat. James is an active believer in helping those less fortunate than himself, and this culture of social responsibility pervades the company.

Many of the team also have personal charitable interests, which are encouraged by Progressive Travel Recruitment. For example, I co-run family contact centre, and the business is always supportive of this. Tony has spent time with the charity Forth Valley Welcome, helping Syrian refugees settle in the UK, and several team members take part in charity runs. Another director, Fiona Morrison-Arnthal, supports an under-privileged child’s education costs in her former home of Cape Town, South Africa.

This is an actively forward-thinking company. I feel like it’s the first place I’ve worked that is truly inclusive. The attitude at Progressive Travel Recruitment around full equality and inclusion is refreshing. A lot of companies might say they respect diversity, but it feels like at Progressive Travel Recruitment everyone really does.

Connect with Claire Castro on LinkedIn here in the first instance, to express your interest in working with the Progressive Travel Recruitment team. Claire’s role at Progressive Travel Recruitment is Executive Assistant – responsible for everything from managing the support team, operational queries, setting up interviews, writing adverts and sourcing candidates, to marketing activity, and GDPR compliance.