US travel recruitment trends in 2018

US travel recruitment trends in 2018

Talent is the number one priority in corporate America, with recruiters confirming their focus for 2018 will be on focusing on the quality of hire. In the US travel recruitment arena, we see high competition for talent, a highly qualified workforce and passionate travel industry staff – the latter reflected in our recent Happiness Index, which revealed that North American travel professionals were the happiest in the world.

According to the Happiness Index, North Americans are the world’s happiest, most satisfied and motivated travel professionals. They enjoy the best work-life balance and remuneration among their global counterparts, feel they can develop new skills at work and are respected and valued.

Compared with their global counterparts, North American travel professionals are most likely to stay in travel. We find that they are very passionate about the industry within which they work, they are well qualified, with most having degrees, and they’re committed.

In the US travel recruitment space, when they say they will be at an interview or accept a position, they stand by their word which is different to what we see in the UK.  They are also far more willing to relocate for the right travel role than their global counterparts.

The USA is vast, yet the network of the travel industry in that country is well connected – one reason why companies confirm their top channels for quality hires is employee referrals, according to a recent LinkedIn report.  We find that travel staff in the USA are amazingly generous with referrals and are very keen to recommend their colleagues.

US travel recruitment is a very competitive space so standing out ahead of other travel brands is critical for travel recruitment success. Companies need to market to prospective employees as dynamically as they would to their customers, communicating their unique value proposition so that they attract the right candidates and reduce their staff turnover.

Reducing staff turnover is one of the key focus areas for travel recruiters in the US in 2018. Their key measurable are how long new hires stay at the company, how satisfied the hiring manager is with the employed candidate and the time it takes to fill that vacancy, especially since the notice period is much shorter than in other parts of the world – 2 weeks in fact.

To recruit top talent, travel brands need to communicate the company culture and the opportunities for career growth. Gone are the days of focusing exclusively on staff perks.

North American travel professionals want to know how joining a travel brand will impact their career advancement and how stimulating the job will be, not only from a financial perspective, but also intellectually. In short, they’re looking for challenging roles that make them feel fulfilled and promotion opportunities.

Are you based in the US and looking for a challenging new role? Do you need to recruit talent for your travel brand? Or do you perhaps have any additional trends you’d like to add to our 2018 US travel recruitment trends list? I’d love to hear from you. Contact me today or connect with me on LinkedIn.