IoT is changing travel technology trends

Did you know that Java and C have become the most popular programming languages for Internet of Things developers? According to a recent Business Insider article and survey, useful for investigating travel technology trends, as many as 66% of developers said they use Java when building IoT solutions, while another 57% used C. Only 52% and 48% used Java and C respectively.

Security is also changing with the IoT trend in travel technology and across all sectors. Business Insider has shown that levels of concern are changing as security becomes more stringent in the online world. Security was a top concern for 39% of developers last year, down from 47% in 2016. This could be due to the fact that developers’ needs have evolved and pushed IoT platform providers to reshape their products. Developers’ needs will continue to evolve as companies build their IoT projects.

You may see security concerns heighten again as companies expand and the number of deployed devices increase. More devices mean more that can be compromised. But this will drive trend changes in platform providers such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon, which will need to introduce new security features to continually satisfy these demands. The result should be a more secure connected environment to meet these demands. Travel technology will be a key part of this growth.

I have seen a definite rise in Security roles within Travel Technology and IT; everything from Security Analysts to CISO’s with a strong focus on individuals having completed their CISSP qualification, all to reduce the risk. Most academic institutions are also seeing the value of focusing on cyber security and IT security as a whole. They’re putting more emphasis on cyber security, with everything from white hat hacking to ISO 27001 compliance modules added to their curriculum.

In terms of Developer roles, we’ve seen a definite increase in demand for strong Java Developers as many companies look at using the IoT to connect people to their brand in new and interesting ways. The future into 2019 is looking good for travel technology.

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