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About Progressive Travel Recruitment

Your global travel and hospitality recruitment agency partner.

We match people with travel and hospitality jobs, quickly and accurately. And because everyone has worked in the travel and hospitality industries, we know the requirements and challenges of these sectors and our clients trust us to get it right first time.

Our broad international travel and hospitality recruitment experience and presence with offices around the globe, including London, Manchester, Scotland, South Africa, Estonia, Maldives, USA, Canada and United Arab Emirates, allows us to fine-tune appointments from entry to director-level.

Want to know more about us? Here’s what makes us tick…

  • The history of Progressive Travel Recruitment
  • What makes Progressive Travel Recruitment different
  • Why our team is the best in the travel recruitment business
  • What’s in store for the future of Progressive Travel Recruitment

The history of Progressive Travel Recruitment

Progressive Travel Recruitment was established in 2005 by James Roberts, at the age of 29. With experience in travel and a top performer at a recruitment agency specialising in travel, James knew he could do it better.  He had hands-on travel experience, had worked at one of the largest travel recruitment agencies in the UK, and recognised that with changes to business practices and hiring the right team, he could create a more successful, more people-centric business.

What makes us different

We position ourselves as the recruitment partner of choice.  Our focus on building a sustainable business through repeat business and referrals means are not the conventional recruitment agency where sales calls are the norm.  We go beyond stereotypes and the generic approach by so many in travel recruitment.


Our travel and hospitality jobs

The breadth of jobs, in terms of location, seniority and role type is a further benefit to working with Progressive Travel Recruitment.

As a recruitment agency that specialises in travel, incorporating all sub-industries within the travel industry – from retail travel to wholesale, corporate to leisure, MICE to hospitality – we  do not market the same types of jobs to candidates.

We pride ourselves in the fact that our candidates often come to us as passive candidates who like the progressivetravelrecruitment.com brand and are interested in what we can offer them now or in the future.

Many of the travel jobs that are offered through Progressive Travel Recruitment are exclusive travel and hospitality roles so candidates are assured that when they are being contacted it will be a fresh role not offered by other travel recruitment firms.

Our knowledge of global destinations

As a global travel and hospitality recruitment agency, we are acutely aware of the social, cultural and business practices around the globe and are experienced in handling this on behalf of our customers and candidates.

Every country and region has its own idiosyncrasies to be taken into account, and with our first-hand experience having lived and worked in travel in other parts of the world, our team of specialist consultants is uniquely positioned to provide meaningful and helpful advice, especially when a travel or hospitality company is looking for talent or considering opening an office in a country where they have no experience.

Our travel industry and hospitality backgrounds and first-hand life and work experience of destinations across the globe is further enhanced by the substantial experience we have relocating candidates.

Progressive Travel Recruitment offers free advice on taxation, cost of living, schooling, etc.

Our global influence

Our relationship with candidates and clients goes beyond a one-off placement.  The way in which we represent our brand partners is incredibly important to us and our focus is on building long-term relationships.

Our clients rely on us to have the first-hand knowledge of the market so we can save them time and money by sourcing the right candidates first time round.

Our years of experience means that we have extensive networks within the travel and hospitality industries. We engage with hard-to-find passive candidates that our clients may not necessarily have access to.


Why our team is the best in the travel business

Our unique approach to recruitment includes appointing professionals who have industry experience – many at senior level.

When we recruit team members, we look for talented individuals with a high-level of emotional intelligence, a great commercial understanding plus those that believe in the brand values of our group – Approachable, Integrity, Honourable, Ethical, Trustworthy and Diligence.

The quality of our team members is reflected in the glowing references from clients and candidates alike.


What’s in store for the future

We anticipate for the future that the introduction of Artificial Intelligence technology will have a significant impact on our business and on recruitment. As Progressive Travel Recruitment, we invest heavily in the best technology and will continue to do so, making us an even more efficient and effective recruitment partner for candidates and travel companies.

Progressive’s team will also continue to lead the charge in flexible working conditions with our team working from all corners of the world, including remote locations where they can make a massive difference to their local economies.

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