Do awards matter for travel recruitment companies?

Everyone likes awards, don’t they? Well, not always. French chef Sebastien Bras, who held 3 Michelin stars (the highest possible accolade) for 18 years, recently gave them back. His love for creating outstanding food was greater than trying to live up to the high expectations that came with the 3-Michelin-star title.

It was a brave move, bringing truth to the idea that being the best is not always about winning awards.

This is definitely true for travel recruitment companies. Most are glad to be recognised with awards, but the relationships you build with clients and candidates benefit your business far more. Those relationships will stand you in a better place in the future. Keeping that idea at the top of your priorities is what makes a successful business. Your clients then trust your judgement on potential candidates, and good candidates refer great colleagues to you, which means a larger talent pool to place with your trusted partnerships. Everything keeps growing.

When winning awards is harmful

Awards do bring attention to a business, of course. But winning may actually detract from what you are trying to accomplish. This happened to another restaurant, this one in St Andrews, Fife. Gordon Ramsay feted Nahm Jim Thai and Japanese restaurant on TV, but the level of interest that suddenly came their way caused them to change their menu – thinking the new clientele wanted ‘posher’ food. They expanded, the quality of the food deteriorated, and the business couldn’t cope with such sudden growth and they closed. A sad tale. What they were good at – simple, straightforward, authentic cooking – got forgotten in the buzz of TV stardom.

How to create a good reputation for your travel recruitment company

I recently attended the Recruitment Expo, and one idea that stood out was that business development is a marathon not a sprint. This is so true for a travel recruitment company like ours. It takes time to build a reputation and develop those long-standing relationships. Investing in them means clients will appreciate and value your input more. It isn’t necessary to only back the biggest clients, it’s also good to have a solid reputation with all companies you work with. After all, sometimes the smaller companies grow and need your services more often.

You need to guarantee your process, not the result. Think of Leonardo Di Caprio, nominated 5 times for an Oscar before finally winning one. Was he suddenly a more brilliant actor? No. He has carried on acting with the same passion that he had before his Oscar in 2016.

For travel recruitment companies, your clients need to know that the process of screening to find the best candidates for the role is your key focus. Better that, than for travel recruitment companies to just send anyone who happens to be available. It’s much more impressive and useful to thoroughly search out the right candidates who match the company values.

How to develop relationships in travel recruitment companies

Travel recruitment companies need to be dependable and reliable but not predictable and boring. Clients know they will get great candidates from you and working with you is always exciting and enjoyable. Relationships in travel recruitment companies are the most important thing – so we keep in touch even when people aren’t hiring. This builds the relationship and shows the client that our focus isn’t just for profit, but that we truly value them as a client.

I hope that chef Bras is enjoying good relationships with his staff and customers more now, since he’s shaken off the worry that a Michelin inspector might alter his reputation at any moment. I admire the fact that he decided to focus on the thing that makes his business great – the food and his core customers.

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