Tips to getting the best out of your travel recruitment agent

Looking for a new travel job? You could do it yourself, but should you? Here’s why you should rely on a travel recruitment agent to find you that dream role instead of trying to go it alone.

You may have a pair of scissors, but that doesn’t mean you should cut your own hair. You may know how to use the Internet, but as any doctor would tell you WebMD doesn’t have all the answers.

A good travel recruitment agent is actually a travel recruitment partner. Someone who works with you to find the right travel job for you. Someone who goes beyond the superficial and matches the right candidate to the role, the right role to the candidate. Someone who looks at the company culture, future potential and both parties’ requirements so that it’s the right fit, not just for now, but forever.

Your travel recruitment agent has access to roles that sometimes aren’t available to the public. They also build solid relationships with leading travel firms and are trusted to send through suitable candidate. If you apply directly for a travel role, your CV is likely to get lost in a sea of applications. Even if you’re the right person for the role, you may not get noticed.

You can rely on your travel recruitment agent to keep your CV on hand and contact you when any suitable roles arise, often before this role is advertised for other applicants. Your travel recruitment agent negotiates on your behalf so you don’t have to do that directly with your new potential employer.

Because we only submit the most suitable candidates for the role, you save time not only because the roles are found on your behalf, but also because you won’t need to waste time taking time off work to prepare for and attend unnecessary interviews.

But, it’s a partnership. This means, that to get the best out of your travel recruitment agent, you need to contribute to fostering a good working relationship with them.  And that entails providing updates timeously on any changes to your application or your circumstances to maintain your personal brand. It’s not a one-way street, so the more open you are with your travel recruitment agent, the more equipped they are to assist in finding your dream travel role.

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