Why use Travel Recruitment Agencies?

If you’re on the lookout for a new position in the travel industry, do you really want to have your CV piled in an anonymous heap with scores of others? Use a specialist travel recruitment agency, and not only will you increase your chances of getting the job you want, you’ll also be in the market for jobs that aren’t available anywhere else. And you’ll have someone championing your cause, from the beginning of the process until after you’re in employment. It’s a win-win.

As an experienced travel recruitment specialist, working in travel recruitment for 6 years, I can add a great deal to someone’s search for a travel job. I have filled roles from director level to junior consultant.

Travel Recruitment Agencies are Experts

Our number one USP at Progressive Travel Recruitment, is that we all come from the travel industry. We know how travel works, what’s good, what’s not, and who the good companies are. We thoroughly understand the market.

Over the years my colleagues and I have built up trusting relationships with our clients – the recruiters – who recruit on our recommendations. If they need someone, they come direct to us. So if you’re looking for a travel job, we’re in a far better position to get you into the best companies than if you go it alone. As a travel recruitment agency, we have exclusive opportunities that you won’t even see if you are looking by yourself. Jobs we place candidates in aren’t advertised elsewhere.

Being part of a travel recruitment agency team, we share our knowledge and experience on a daily basis. This makes our hive mind so much more informed than that of one person, searching on their own.

Send your CV off without the backup that travel recruitment agencies give, and it can easily get lost in a pile. At Progressive Travel Recruitment we have direct contacts to line managers. It’s also far easier for us to chase up what’s happening, than for a sole applicant who may not even get past the switchboard.

Additional Benefits of Using a Travel Recruitment Agency

Travel recruitment agencies also add benefits. For example, we can help candidates with interview, preparation, and give them additional information about the company. We give insight into to what recruiters are looking for and help with interview techniques. Who’s going to champion your case if you’re applying alone?

We are also all experienced travel recruiters. There’s a thorough training process at this travel recruitment agency, but we’re also picking up contacts and inside information every day of the job.

Because we only focus on the travel industry, we become experts very quickly. It’s why PTR is recognised across the industry as a trustworthy, professional, and reliable global travel recruitment agency.

And the proof? Our clients keep coming back for more.

Looking to Hire from a Travel Recruitment Agency?

Likewise, if you’re looking to recruit – the benefits of using an agency are enormous. Do you really want to sift through that pile of CVs? Can you trust that you won’t miss the best candidate? Far better to secure the services of a trusted specialist travel recruitment agency to find you a properly qualified candidate with the right experience – and have the benefit of knowing that candidate has been vetted first. Again, it’s a win-win.

Whether you’re looking for top travel talent – or for your next move in the travel industry, contact Nicola on LinkedIn to make the first move >