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Our specialism is travel jobs – whether you’re looking for your next role in a leisure travel agency or a move at management level in business travel, the latest travel IT role, or something within travel hospitality, Progressive Travel Recruitment is the best-connected travel recruitment company, dedicated to matching talented people with top jobs in the travel industry.

If it’s a travel job, we can recruit for it. Browse our collection of travel job categories, below, to see what type of roles are out there for you. If you’re looking for our latest vacancies, click here.

Account Management

We recruit worldwide, so whether you’re after an account management position in Dalston or Denver, or want to work with a travel management company in Newcastle or New South Wales, we’ve got positions for you, in both leisure and corporate travel.


Those with expertise in airline contracts are well catered for – our connections with airlines and travel companies all over the globe mean positions with airfare specialisms are always coming up.


Covering everything from large hotel chains to small boutique accommodation providers, we work with every size of hospitality company. Whether you need a dynamic new hotel manager, or are looking for an entire team for a new opening, or are a candidate looking for your next exciting hospitality job, contact us to find out what’s happening in hospitality.

Call Centre/Telesales

Travel and sales go hand in hand. Travel sales is always a fast-moving sector of the travel industry and jobs come and go like lightening. If you’re a company in need of a hotshot travel sales team, perhaps specialising in one sector, such as ski or cruise, we’re the people to call. If you’re a talented travel salesperson in need of the next step up the ladder, get in touch. We do best when we know you – so there’s never any harm in making contact, even if you’re not actively in need right now. Let’s talk.


The commercial arm of a travel company is there to ensure its profitability and financial stability. Its responsibilities range from ensuring the correct pricing of travel products including flights, accommodation and car hire, to identifying new markets for the business, managing costs, margins and distribution. We regularly recruit for commercial roles across a wide range of travel industry sectors including business travel, airlines, tour operators and online travel companies.


Whether it’s helping the expansion of a destination management company (DMC), sourcing new hotel partnerships, or a more specialist procurement role, these mostly management roles are always highly sought after.


Travel, like any other industry, will always have need for contract workers, whether its for an IT development project, maternity cover, or for any other reason. Check our job website for contract roles, or speak to one of the team.

Customer Service

Some would say customer service travel jobs are the most important in the whole travel job chain.   Those working in customer service are very often the public face and voice of the company. Skilled people-oriented customer service travel staff are always in high demand across the whole industry, in the UK and across the globe.


Whether it’s a general manager of a tour operator or hotel, or sales director of a major corporate travel brand, we are the number one global travel job recruitment company with the very best management and director roles across the travel industry. We also have access to the top management and director level candidates within our extensive network. Speak to one of the team with your enquiries.


Are you a finance director, executive or manager, and looking for your next travel role? From credit control to finance directorships across the travel industry and throughout the world, we can source, select and advise on hiring and obtaining the best travel finance staff.

Helpdesk/Technical Support

Supporting others in the industry provides a wide selection of jobs, from helpdesk roles to technical support teams in leisure and business travel teams. Many of the roles are within business travel management companies. There are an increasing number of online support consultant roles available in this area.


Travel jobs are increasingly being offered as partial or full-time homeworking positions. We take on around 5-7 homeworking roles per month, in leisure and business travel. Have a read of our blog about homeworking to see if it would suit you. It’s the ideal solution for some, particularly those juggling family commitments and schedules, who can work flexibly.

HR/Training/Learning & Development

Experienced HR candidates can go a long way in travel; and for those with specialisms in training and development of travel staff, there can be interesting roles available. Speak to a member of the team.


Our specialist travel and hospitality IT & technology division run by Fiona Morrison-Arnthal will look after you if you’re in the market for an IT role in travel or hospitality. It’s a fast-moving area, with opportunities coming our way all the time. With our separate department and IT and Technology recruitment specialists, we’re the first choice for any travel or hospitality tech and IT jobs out there.

Fiona is dedicated to matching excellent global travel and hospitality companies with the best IT and technology talent around. She knows the industry very well, and seeks out where roles are coming up, and what the emerging travel and hospitality IT development trends are. She’s your first port of call for all IT and Technology jobs in travel.
Find out more here.

Language Roles

Multi-linguists are well sought-after in the travel industry for obvious reasons. If you’ve got travel job experience and speak more than one language speak to someone in our team, or browse the latest jobs on our website.


Travel marketing roles are popular, but every leisure travel company needs a tip-top marketing team so there is a constant demand for great marketing executives at all levels. For those who love travel and know how to engage the public, some of these roles are a dream travel job come true.


Operations are the cogs in the wheels of all travel companies. We regularly recruit for operations manager vacancies within travel management, leisure travel, car rental and cruise, plus we’re the preferred choice for a large number of global travel corporations who trust us to recruit the right people to manage the day to day operations of their offices worldwide.


It’s likely that by now, you’ll have realised that if a job is in travel – we recruit for it. Progressive Travel Recruitment is the number one recruitment company for the best travel jobs – as obscure or remote as you like. Our job is to find the right match for the right role.


Forging collaborations and partnerships between travel products is a goal of many travel businesses. Whether in marketing, technology, or another area of travel, securing partnerships is an ever-growing area throughout the tourism and travel industry.


From entry-level travel product roles, to senior management within a range of travel companies, this is a busy sector within recruitment. Browse our job pages for all the latest travel product roles, from helping to formulate travel itineraries, to negotiating airline and hotel contracts, and ensuring the best yield, margins and capacity.

Project Management

Event managers and project teams are often required in the travel industry, and many of our project management roles are within marketing and IT.  Our dedicated Travel IT recruitment division is always working on such roles.


The rail network across the world offers a myriad of travel jobs, from marketing, to ticketing, sales, and more. With railways from Eurostar to the Orient Express, the global options are endless.


Where there is travel there are reservations, and all companies want their reservations teams to be tip top, and mistake-free. All travel consultant roles require candidates to be organised, customer focused, literate and numerate, with good people skills. Browse our current selection of travel roles involving reservations now.

Revenue Management

Revenue management is crucial for the smooth running of any travel company, managing the cost of suppliers and taking control of inventory and all connected businesses. If you’re an experienced revenue management expert or specialist accountant, there are interesting high-level travel jobs available.

Sales/Business Development

The key tenets of all travel businesses – sales and a forward-thinking business development team. These are some of our most regular roles, and vary from sales executives, business development executives, sales/business developments managers, right up to global sales directors.

Software Development

With our IT and Technology travel jobs department, run by Fiona Morrison-Arnthal, we’re the first choice for any travel tech and IT jobs out there. Fiona is dedicated to matching excellent global travel companies with the best IT and technology talent around. She knows the industry very well, and seeks out where roles are coming up, and what the emerging travel software development trends are. She’s your first port of call for all IT and Technology jobs in travel. Find out more here.


We all need a little help – and travel companies are no different. If you’re the most organised person you know, with skills that will help a busy travel office run smoothly, then you’ll be in high demand.


Almost all travel companies have fares and ticketing specialists, and a ticketing department is responsible the fulfilment of airline tickets and documentation through a GDS or in-house system.  Whilst training is provided, we’re always looking for candidates with great BSP skills including reissues and refunds.

Web Design/Development

Sitting within our dedicated IT and Technology in Travel division, web design roles and development roles are crucial in travel. The travel industry is a fast-paced one, progressing and developing all the time, and development of IT, Apps and systems is constantly evolving. Our dedicated department means we’re often the first to hear about the best travel and hospitality jobs in IT and Technology, including web design and development.

Why choose Progressive Travel Recruitment

What makes our daily lives interesting here at Progressive Travel Recruitment, is the sheer number and variety of different worldwide travel jobs that we recruit for. With constant development in travel, from new destinations to new technology and new experiences around the world, this industry never sits still. If there’s an element of travel involved, we’ll recruit for it, and we’re always excited to be on board with new developments.

The difference between us and other recruiters is that we forge a relationship with clients and candidates, and keep in touch to follow careers and developments in our clients’ businesses, always keeping our fingers on the pulse of travel trends and where the new jobs are in travel.

Whether you’re an HR in a large corporate travel company or someone in a small boutique travel agency looking for a brilliant new team member, we’re the people to come to. Likewise, if you’re a talented travel professional in search of your next challenge, or a fresh-faced Australian just off the plane with a 2-year visa in your hand and experience in the travel industry, call us – we’ll find you your next travel role. We spend a lot of time making sure we get the right fit, every time.

Our specialist divisions in travel recruitment

If you’re looking for staff or roles within travel IT and technology – an ever-expanding sector – we have a dedicated department to help. This is your one-stop-shop for IT and technology jobs or talent in the travel sector. We’re always up-to-date with IT travel trends, including the Internet of Things and development roles to support IoT within travel. We recruit for everything from web development to programming, IT maintenance, online support consulting jobs, data analyst roles, and everything in between and beyond.

Another growth sector in travel recruitment is in-house Travel Management. Many of our clients are choosing to organise company travel from in house, often with the aid of an external travel management company (TMC), but managing it from the ground. As our blog on The Importance of Having a Travel Manager describes, this is the very best way to keep control on travel spend, develop effective systems and make sure there is are clear guidelines and travel policies for all members of the business. Having an in-house travel manager or travel management team can also mean you attract top talent. Our specialist travel management division recruits for travel management teams at all levels. We can also advise on setting up a travel management department in your business. If you’re after travel management roles, have a look at our page, here.

Whatever it is in travel recruitment you need – talented staff or a great new job, make Progressive Travel Management your first choice. Contact us now to find out more.

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