Travel jobs in the UK for South Africans

South African travel professionals who can work in the UK are in hot demand, with Progressive Travel Recruitment having a range of travel jobs in the UK for South Africans.

The number of South Africans applying for travel roles in the UK through Progressive Travel Recruitment has jumped significantly over the past few months. In the past week alone, we have had 25 applications, although we find that some applications are not suitable as the candidate does not have a British or EU passport, or does not qualify for a British or EU ancestral visa.

The increase in applications can, in part, be attributed to the difficulty South Africans are finding in emigrating to Australia with that country’s new immigration laws. For South Africans wanting to live and work in the UK, there’s a lot less red tape and an ancestral visa can also be applied for, for one’s spouse.

In addition to proving that at least one of their grandparents was born in the UK, candidates need to present bank statements to show that they are self-sufficient and intend and have the “ability to work” in the UK.

In the UK travel industry, South African travel professionals looking to work in the UK should have at least two to three years’ experience in their current role. Some positions, depending on the level, require a degree-educated applicant and evidence thereof.

Most importantly, companies need to know that applicants have a British passport or ancestral visa already.  Travel companies in the UK are generally not willing to look at candidates who require their visa to be sponsored and this would only apply if it is a highly skilled position for which they cannot find applicants locally – very rare in the UK.

There’s no better time to live and work in the UK if you’re a South African travel professional that has a British or EU passport, or the ability to apply for an ancestral visa.

There are more job opportunities in the travel industry in the UK, and although rent and transport can be expensive in London, the general cost of living is less than it is in South Africa.

There are also good opportunities for retirement planning, better public health facilities and more importantly, a large South African community in the UK, who are all proud to be South African and celebrate our heritage.

South Africans are generally sought-after because of their work ethic and their English-language capabilities. We are also generally easy to get along with and fit in culturally in the UK.

Travel jobs in the UK for South Africans which Progressive Travel Recruitment currently has available include travel consultants, IT and business development field sales roles.

Apply today while you can before the immigration requirements change, and find travel jobs in the UK for South Africans by registering your CV with us today.