Beat Blue Monday – Start your travel job search today

If you’re battling festive season excess and determined not to be gripped by Blue Monday this 2018, now’s the perfect time to start your travel job search.

It’s just a few weeks until Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. If reports from 2017 are to be believed, it’s also the time most employees start looking for a new role. A study found that 84.4% of workers were on the lookout for a new position this time last year. That’s a lot of competition!

So, don’t wait until Blue Monday to get ahead of the crowd. Submit your CV today and follow our tips and tricks to getting ahead with your travel job search in 2018.

Make it past the first round

To ensure you’re even considered for the travel position you’ve applied for, you need to get your CV up to scratch. Cut out any unnecessary information. Does your new role really need to know that your hobbies include yodelling or crocheting scarves for cats? Keep your CV short and sweet and focus on highlighting your best skills. Be sure to read through your CV and sense-check it, perhaps ask a friend to have a look as well, you want to ensure there are no grammatical errors or mistakes to let you down. Check out our CV template in our FAQs to help you craft the perfect CV.

Tailor yourself to the position

Rather than sending out the same CV and cover letter to hundreds of travel companies, tailor your approach to suit those travel jobs you really want. It sounds like a lot of work but adapting your approach and specifying which skills work best for the job in question, will increase your chances of catching the eye of your would-be new employer. If a role has specified the criteria needed to meet it, address this in your cover letter.

Entrust your travel job search with a travel recruitment partner

There are many benefits to partnering with a specialist travel recruitment agency. They can make the process of finding a new role much easier as they have connections within the industry and an innate understanding of how it works. A specialist agency such as Progressive Travel Recruitment is best placed to understand and listen to your needs and connect you to the perfect travel job. Allow them to advise you on which roles would best suit your skill set and how to best present yourself and your application to increase your chance of being hired.

So, don’t wait until you hit career blues rock-bottom next Monday, get started today by simply visiting out website and submitting your CV and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to keep abreast of the travel roles that are currently available.