How to find the right travel and tourism jobs

You may know you want to work in travel, but not have a clear idea of all the travel and tourism jobs available.

There are so many diverse jobs in the travel sector, it can be hard to know where to start. This Oxbridge Academy article provides an entertaining read about different roles in the industry.

Call us, and we start with a detailed qualification call, to get a real understanding of each candidate’s experience and requirements. We then make suggestions of which travel and tourism jobs will suit you.

A perk of using a travel recruitment company is that we’re able to offer some career guidance as well as having the expertise to make recommendations. You will feel like you have a supporting hand in the process and are going in the right direction, too. Sometimes applying on your own for travel and tourism jobs can feel like stabbing in the dark.

In our role we do a lot of head hunting. We often make candidates aware of roles that are available out there before they’ve even begun actively looking. Talking to us about all your attributes can get you on that sought after passive candidate list.

The perks of working in travel and tourism

It’s no lie to say that many people working within the travel industry do get perks such as discounted holidays and travel.

If you work as a sales consultant you will get to go on educational trips, which means visiting the destination that you will sell in your role. This can be up to a month away travelling. Depending on which part of the travel world you’re working in, it can mean staying in 5-star resorts. My partner used to work for a luxury tour operator and visited most of the Maldives islands. Let’s just say I was super jealous when he Skyped me!

Switching to a travel and tourism job from elsewhere

The travel industry is a very desirable place to work. Everyone loves going on holiday, so working in an industry that has that wow factor does help. Many people are interested in switching over to a travel job from other sectors.

However, a word of warning is that it can be tricky as a lot of clients prefer people with travel industry experience. Some won’t consider people from other industries, which can make it a challenge at times. The sooner you get started in travel, the better.

Growth sector in travel and tourism jobs

The main categories of travel roles fall into the two categories of Business Travel and Leisure Travel.

Within both, we recruit a vast range of roles, including Travel Consultants, Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Senior Management, Marketing Managers and IT Professionals. To be honest, the list of positions available is endless.

One particular area where I have seen a huge increase in demand is in Travel Technology. As businesses focus on growing their online offering, a vast array of exciting opportunities is being created in this area.

For a more detailed list of the types of travel and tourism jobs we offer, have a look at our website categories page.

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