How to get the best travel and tourism jobs in London

London is one of the world’s best cities for jobs in travel and tourism. Whether it’s the prestige of being in an exciting and affluent global capital, or simply the fear of missing out, hundreds of travel companies have a London base. This means there are constantly great opportunities for travel and tourism jobs in London.

So, what’s the best way to find jobs with these companies? We asked Emma McGregor, one of our Senior Account Managers, to take us through  key points of the market and for her advice on seeking travel and tourism jobs in London.

What sort of travel and tourism jobs in London do you recruit for?

I focus on roles on the leisure side of the recruitment business in London and elsewhere, but Progressive Travel Recruitment also has a successful team for business travel and tourism jobs in London. Our clients include online travel agencies (OTAs), traditional tour operators, destination management companies (DMCs), inbound tour operators, visitor attractions, B2B providers including travel ancillaries, and retail travel. London’s status as a leading tourist destination also allows for thousands of London travel and tourism jobs in hospitality, from hotel staff and attraction employees, to managers and company executives.

We recruit across all disciplines in the London travel and tourism jobs sector. Have a look at our website for job categories, from customer services, to support admin, and technical support to management.

What benefits does Progressive Travel Recruitment offer London jobseekers?

We offer positions in companies you may never even have heard of, and we work with companies who offer good work environments. Many of our London travel and tourism jobs aren’t advertised elsewhere. Having built up a relationship with our clients, they know we provide good candidates, and we know they offer good London job opportunities. We offer a huge variety of roles across the London travel sector.

As travel people we can also give advice on the market, including typical salaries and what a particular company is like. We can seek out an interesting opportunity for you even if you’re not sure of your next move. As recruiters we’re perfectly placed to help slot you into a London travel job that suits you – or fill a vacancy that you need just the right person for.

What do you recommend about London travel and tourism jobs?

A key benefit is the constant flow of opportunities for people right across the spectrum, at all stages of their travel career. You’ll also find the UK’s highest salaries for travel and tourism jobs are in London. It’s an extremely exciting city to work and live in with excellent opportunities for travel – as there are transport hubs right on the doorstep.

What’s the benefit of having a base in London for travel companies?

The main one is access to a huge pool of talent, plus excellent transport links, and a wealthy client base. There’s also the kudos of being based in one of the world’s most exciting capitals. As a globally famous destination, inbound operators always want to plug into London, meaning there are hundreds of DMCs in the capital. This is good news for London travel and tourism job seekers.

What should a London travel jobseeker’s first step be?

Well, of course it’s to contact Progressive Travel Recruitment. We really can offer advantages for your job search that will put you one step ahead of other candidates.

What should a London travel company do to find great staff?

Handing over your hunt for travel talent to us opens you up to a dedicated and already specialised market and audience. We not only find candidates from jobseekers, but actively head hunt for the right person to fill your travel and tourism vacancy. Need more convincing? Read more about why you should recruit through Progressive on our blog.

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