Top 10 best travel jobs

When you think of the top 10 best travel jobs, it’s possible thoughts of glamorous travel writing assignments and managing five-star private islands pop into your head. But for the most part, these jobs are few and far between, don’t actually pay a decent salary, and won’t fit well into most people’s lifestyles.

The jobs that I recruit for in the travel and tourism leisure sector may not sound as glamorous, but they offer great opportunities, often with travel thrown in. Whether you’re starting out, or already climbing the travel career ladder, travel jobs offer good perks. In travel sales jobs, FAM trips mean visiting hotels and resorts to get to grips with the places you’re selling. And whether it’s marketing or reservations, management or IT, travel teams tend to be an enthusiastic and driven bunch to work with.

Here’s my realistic top 10 best jobs in travel:

Travel Sales Consultant

I started in travel as a travel sales consultant and it’s still one of the best jobs if you have a passion for travel, flair for sales and are committed to customer service. The overseas FAM trips for successful consultants are a great perk. There’s also the chance to specialise. We work with clients who offer jobs focussing on a particular country or continent, as well as ski or cruise sales consultants, for example.

Travel Manager

Managing a team in a travel company is a great opportunity to gain a greater understanding of managing a business. It’s ideal for those seeking more responsibility, a higher salary, and the desire and skills to motivate and support a team. It definitely deserves a place on the top 10 best jobs in travel.

Product Manager

If you’re the sort of person who can help a company add further products to their travel portfolio, this is a great job. It involves knowing the travel world really well, and thinking creatively about how your company can progress and expand and stay ahead of travel trends. Passion for travel and a good global travel product knowledge are always an advantage.

Marketing Executives

There are loads of ways to market a travel company these days. So being in marketing means being part of an ever-developing sector. It suits those with creative minds, who are good at coming up with successful new strategies to promote a company’s offers and products to potential customers. There are often specialist marketing roles for graphic designers, too.

Operations Managers

Being an Operations Manager in a travel company is great for organised people who are also good at managing teams. You’ll need a head for contract negotiations and handling the operational running of the travel business.

Business Development Managers

This is a good role for self-motivated, sales driven people whose job it is to get out and find new business for the company. Again, there may well be travel involved.

Account Managers

Being an Account Manager is for people who can confidently look after a portfolio of clients and act as a go-between for them and your travel company. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to test out whatever travel speciality your clients offer, too.

Language Roles

In many travel jobs there are often opportunities for those who speak more than one language – particularly as travel companies continue to spread globally. So, if you’re bilingual or speak another language well, there will always be exciting travel roles for you.

Customer Service Consultants or Managers

It’s not a classic on most top-10 lists, but for those who like to solve problems calmly and professionally, the customer service role can make all the difference between a company being good and great.

Regional and Area Travel Managers

These are basically travel managers who look after a larger region. More responsibility and more money go with the territory, and often more local travel.

Travel and Hospitality IT & Technology experts

Travel Technology and IT jobs represent a huge growth area, and are a relatively new entry to the top 10 best jobs in travel. They’re booming with so many companies moving to e-docs, phone apps and use of social media in increasingly advanced ways. Demand is strong, and although there tends to be less travel involved, the remuneration in this sector is good. My colleague Fiona Morrison-Arnthal recruits for these jobs at Progressive Travel Recruitment.


Having worked in travel recruitment for 7 years, and previously in the travel industry as a Manager and Consultant for nearly 9 years, I’d like to think I’m well placed and experienced to understand and empathise with clients and candidates. It’s genuinely a delight for me to work with people in this industry that I love. I take the responsibility seriously of helping someone progress through their travel career and matching them with jobs that suit their strengths, and these top 10 best jobs in travel offer a quick guide to what’s out there. Working with a variety of clients is rewarding, too. And, as cheesy as it sounds, the joy of finding a candidate their perfect new role, along with supporting them throughout the process, drives me every day.

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