Would I recruit for Ryanair? Never!

Imagine, as a staff member, being told that you “don’t have a difficult job” and that you’ll get “goodies” if you give up a week’s leave, but won’t get them if you ‘misbehave’. Not very motivating, is it?

So, when Ryanair CE Michael O’Leary in his brash and arrogant way said several weeks ago that he could force Ryanair pilots to defer their time off to minimise the disruption to its schedule, it was clear that the wellbeing of his staff came second to his personal pride. 

Ryanair announced  it would be forced to cancel up to 50 flights a day for six weeks due to a rota “mess up”.  Not only was the announcement of this major disruption dismissed as a “major boo boo”, a smug O’Leary publicly denigrated the highly respected profession, saying pilots were “precious about themselves” and “full of their own self-importance”.

A few weeks later, and Ryanair is now begging its pilots to return. Well, it’s all a little too late in my opinion.

Despite this turnaround, I stand by my initial assertion that Progressive Travel Recruitment would never supply its recruitment services to Ryanair.  

It is clear how little respect the senior management of Ryanair has for their staff. O’Leary’s approach is at best patronising, at worst outrageous.

He claimed at the time that he didn’t even know if there would be industrial action because there was no union and offered half-hearted gestures that would benefit Ryanair in the short-term. Now we see the Telegraph reporting that the carrier’s flight operation manager is appealing to former staff to return to the airline for more money and better working conditions.

O’Leary’s dismissive manner in the way in which he treats the people who are responsible for the safety, comfort and care of his passengers is utterly disgusting.

And it would seem the airline’s staff seem to agree with me as they rate Ryanair 2.4 overall on glassdoor. Ryanair gets a 1.1 rating from its captains.  

Don’t get me wrong, I use Ryanair’s services as a passenger on a regular basis. This is because I often have little choice for direct services from Edinburgh, where I often start my journeys. 

But would Progressive Travel Recruitment place travel professionals within an organisation that clearly doesn’t care about its staff? Not a chance.