Management Jobs – Why Recruit Leaders from Around the World

Watching football recently, I started to wonder about how football teams recruit managers from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t seem to matter whether an England manager is from England, or a Premiership manager comes from the relevant city. The right candidate for these management jobs can come from anywhere.

My thought was why doesn’t this translate to politics? Wouldn’t it be better to scour the globe for the best person to run our economy, or even our city councils – rather than just whoever happens to live within a 10-mile radius of the town hall, or progressed through the same old boys’ network?

In business, recruiting managers from all over the world is an everyday occurrence. Here at Progressive Travel Recruitment, I not only place candidates in positions worldwide, but also headhunt for top management jobs in a range of countries. We are approached all the time by candidates looking to relocate. Recent examples include relocating a Brit to Cuba and a Brazilian from Rio to Lisbon. Both were for director roles where the companies in question were willing to invest in the relocation to get the right manager, including housing help, and visa fees.

As most of our team have lived and worked overseas we are also in a position to offer invaluable in-the-know advice, about everything from the culture of the country through to the cost of school fees.

Benefits of Hiring Internationally for Management Jobs

It makes sense in the travel industry, that travel people relocate all the time. The benefits of hiring international management are numerous. It brings a cosmopolitan mix of people together, encouraging fresh ideas, and different cultural experiences, and also means we have a wider pool of people from which to choose the right one for the job.

But would it work in politics? I honestly don’t see why not – then we really would be operating in a global world. It may take some getting used to – but aren’t all the best ideas a little revolutionary?

Relocating for new Management Jobs

Some of the roles we look to fill are so specific that there might only be a handful of people in the world with the relevant experience. Ambitious people who are willing to move and work internationally can bring an injection of energy into a place, whether that’s in business or football, which makes me think we should rethink how political leaders are recruited. Imagine the possibilities?

In international travel recruitment, we find that most relocations are a great success. It only becomes an issue if the client and candidates don’t have an open and frank conversation about differences in culture and each one’s expectations for the role. Ultimately, we all need support in to a new role – great support at the beginning means a new person will be on their feet and running quicker, and will be more likely to stay and invest in the role. Expert on-boarding for every candidate is essential, and can also be part of the service at Progressive Travel Recruitment.

So, where to look for a new chancellor, prime minister, or mayor?! All suggestions welcome.

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