What questions to ask in a travel job interview

Employing the right person for the job is like winning the lotto – they’ll fit right in to the company culture, add real value to your business and fill a much-needed gap with minimal training, effort and headaches. But conducting a travel job interview, can be as nerve-racking as being interviewed if you haven’t been in a recruitment role for long, and if you ask the wrong questions, you may appoint the wrong candidate and take a giant leap backwards.

It’s important to get it right. Here are my tips on what questions to ask in a travel job interview:

1.Know the job

Do as much research as you can to learn about the travel job for which you are interviewing and the team that the candidate would be working in so that your questions can be informed appropriately.

2.Go beyond the CV

Have a genuine interest in that person outside the workplace and their CV so you can gain an understanding of who that person really is and how they will fit in to the travel job and environment.

3.Ask for specific examples

Use the knowledge of the company and role to ask the candidate to provide specific examples from their history to get an understanding of how they react in certain circumstances and assess their skills.

4.Avoid leading questions

Don’t tell the candidate what you want the answer to be, e.g. This travel job requires you to multi-task. How would you rate your multi-tasking skills?

5.Keep it simple

Avoid posing too many questions at the same time because it’s confusing to the candidate and the response will not be specific. Use why, what, who, where or tell me about and keep it to one question at a time.

Our role as specialist travel recruiters is to ensure that by the time you get to the travel job interview stage, you have the best candidates in front of you for the travel job you have available and, as such, the interview will be as rewarding for you, as it will be for the candidate.

If you have a travel job for which you need the expertise of a specialist travel recruiter or need advice on what questions to ask in a travel job interview, contact me on Bianca@progressivetravelrecruitment.com, connect with me on LinkedIn or visit our website www.progressivetravelrecruitment.com