It’s not a holiday, but have you tried relocating?

Time for a change of scenery? Embrace a more permanent travel adventure and consider relocating overseas to expand your skills, enhance your professional expertise and enjoy whole host of new experiences.

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada remain popular locations for British travel employees seeking new horizons. Among the benefits of relocating to these are better work-life balance, safety, better pay and travel opportunities.

Australia’s salaries are good and the lifestyle there is very attractive. There are plenty of job opportunities in Canada and British workers can stay there for up to two years. And families are very well catered for in New Zealand.

By relocating, whether you choose to do it for a few years or permanently, you will enjoy an opportunity to learn about new cultures, develop work experience and broaden your horizons in ways that travel companies value when recruiting for talent.

To be considered, travel professionals will require a work permit or visa, the right kind of experience and good references, although companies will sometimes sponsor work permits or visas for the right candidate.

Relocating is hardly ever easy and companies that recruit overseas often have a range of benefits to entice travel professionals. These are some of the benefits that you should look out for if you’re planning to relocate or offer if you’re seeking talent from overseas:

  • Cost of living adjustment
  • Tax equalisation: Are you subject to double taxation? Some companies will pay anything above what you would have paid at home so your tax burden is the same as before your relocation
  • Bonus, commissions and other compensation, including their tax implications
  • Health benefits
  • Moving assistance and transportation costs
  • Education
  • Language training
  • Home rental

Hiring travel staff in another country can bring a different perspective and a range of enhanced skills to your organisation.

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