Millennials – adding value to or undermining the workplace?

If you saw the Daily Mail this weekend, you would have seen an article in which I was quoted about the much-maligned Millennials and travel recruitment.

The article highlighted examples of Millennials in the workplace – touting them as “a generation with a huge sense of entitlement” and revealing bosses complaints that they are “spoilt, full of themselves, averse to hard work and expect success on a plate”.

As professional travel recruiters, we have seen that Millennials often do need to be rewarded and praised for just doing their job and have had cases where candidates approach us because they believe their employers should spend more time and effort in guiding them to do the job.

Our Happiness Index conducted last year in fact revealed that Millennials were the most stressed employees, but enjoyed the best work-life balance and worked less overtime than their older counterparts.

It’s true that Millennials have higher expectations in terms of salary and have to be persuaded to be realistic that they won’t walk into entry-level jobs paying £50,000 a year. Some are receptive – but others will say there’s no way they are taking any job with less than a £10,000 increase from their current salary.

Similarly, we’ve had cases where Millennials have turned down job offers (frequently) because of their mind being fixed on a set salary figure.  They’ve also turned down job offers as the title isn’t what they expect, i.e. They want manager in their title, not executive. We find that older generations are not as fixated on title.

Despite all this, we have found that employers value the innovative outlook and unique skills of Millennials so finding roles for them is not difficult.

Placing Millennials in these roles is difficult however, because they tend not to take the first job that comes along and are exacting about the kind of role that will suit them. So in this case we see that they turn great roles down because it doesn’t fit in with their expectations.

Lastly, in our experience, we find that Millennials believe in expanding their experience and skills and will thus move to different jobs easier than their older counterparts who are averse to ‘job hopping’. It is not unusual for us to see CVs of Millennials with changes in roles every two years.

So what do you think? Are Millennials a nightmare to employ? Or are they changing the face of the modern workplace as we know it for the better?

We would love to hear from you, whether you’re the boss of a Millennial, or a Millennial yourself!

Read the full Daily Mail article here and let us know your thoughts!


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