Why London travel recruitment agencies offer the best jobs

London is a major tourist destination and international capital, so it makes sense that London travel recruitment agencies offer great travel job opportunities, as most travel companies have a base here.

It’s an excellent city to progress your travel career, too. London salaries are £10k higher than the rest of the UK on average, according to the Office for National Statistics. The knowledge pool is huge, and you can easily climb the travel career ladder. You’ll learn from the talent of peers and colleagues, and with a vibrant international community there’s opportunity to connect with the rest of the world, too.

London travel recruitment agencies offer the best array of jobs – roles that aren’t advertised anywhere else, and sometimes aren’t even advertised at all.

What are the benefits of using London travel recruitment agencies?

I have worked in travel and tourism for 30 years, working to director level, so I understand the market thoroughly. I’ve worked in many travel roles myself and recruited for nearly all of them.

With an overview of the whole travel sector I can see where jobs are at any one time, so can offer accurate advice on interesting places to work and talented people to hire. I’ve also been recruiting in travel for long enough that I know who will fit which jobs. I ask the right questions.

We have a huge amount of travel expertise at Progressive Travel Recruitment. We spend time talking to travel companies, making connections, meeting clients and matching roles. We’re basically doing the research for you. Our recruiters are based all over the UK and the rest of the world, with several of us London experts.

You’ll always have access to better jobs going through London travel recruitment agencies like Progressive Travel Recruitment. You’re more likely to get better job satisfaction, too, because we do the background work to make sure you’re properly suited to the role offered – and we do the same for the client who’s recruiting. It’s in our interest to make good matches and we like seeing happy customers.

Why are the best jobs available at London travel recruitment agencies?

My clients trust me because I know the industry inside and out. I know the right people.

Even if someone comes to me with specific requests for a certain type of job, and there isn’t currently such a job advertised, I can still make introductions to useful people. It’s like blind dating but better!

Doesn’t everyone in London have to commute for hours?

Commuting by train or tube can be a useful time to collect your thoughts for the day ahead, or grab me-time with music or a good book. This light-hearted BBC article shows how a few commuters have used their travel time profitably.

If you choose to live outside the hubbub of London, connections are always improving. With the promise of new high-speed rail links, even Birmingham and Manchester are becoming commutable. And if you choose Brighton, Margate, or one of the home counties for a more relaxed weekend life, regular trains make it feasible.

London is a city of travel job opportunities, get in touch to make your next travel move.


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