Jobs in travel – what candidates are looking for

There are hundreds of jobs in travel so understanding what candidates are looking for in a new role is vital to ensuring you secure the best staff for your business.

By considering what employees are looking for when they’re searching for a travel job, you can tailor your recruitment process and the position’s benefits to suit your candidates better and ensure that you’re attracting top talent.

Standing out amongst hundreds of travel vacancies

Why would a prospective employee choose your travel company above another when they’re on the hunt for a new travel role?

Whether it’s a clear purpose, responsibility, autonomy, great benefits or even promotion opportunities, you’ve got to grab their attention first and foremost.

As an employer, these top tips can help you to stand out in the sea of travel vacancies:

  • How you recruit for a travel role
  • Be clear about what you want for your travel job
  • Act swiftly to fill your travel role

How you recruit for a travel role

You may not realise it, but the way in which you recruit potential employees for travel vacancies, can be as important as the benefits you offer. Candidates are more aware than ever of the way they’re treated and it can have a direct impact on whether they choose to accept a role or not. Hiring the right employee is also vital to your business and ensures you don’t need to spend unnecessary time trying to fill the travel vacancy if it doesn’t work out.

Be clear about what you want for your travel job

Candidates want to be as prepared as they can be for a role. Be clear and communicative about what you’re looking for. They will likely encounter an overwhelming array of travel industry jobs when searching for an opportunity, so make it easy for them to remember you by providing your recruitment partner with specifics on what your ideal candidate for the travel role would be.

Act swiftly to fill your travel role

Many businesses take a long time to decide on candidates as they want to make sure they’re hiring the right person for their travel vacancy. There is no issue with this in principle, but it is important that you are up-front with your recruitment partner and candidate from the start so they are aware of what to expect. If they are unsure of your process and haven’t heard from you in several weeks, they will consider other roles. It is also important to tell unsuccessful candidates of your position as soon as possible. If you force them to wait and then give them bad news, it can lead them to think negatively about your travel company. You never know, your first choice may not work out and you might look to hire them in the future.

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What do candidates from their travel job?

The benefits a role can offer is important to any candidate and the travel industry is no different. It is vital that understand what your competitors are offering in terms of benefits and that you identify what motivates your current staff so that your company builds a reputation for being an a-grade travel employer with exciting and motivating travel roles.

So, what are candidates looking for when they search for jobs in travel?

  • Competitive salaries
  • Work-life balance
  • Travel job with a purpose

Competitive salaries

It is true that people work to fill their days and give themselves a sense of satisfaction, but it would be remiss to think that they are not also financially motivated. By ensuring your wage offers are in line with other jobs in the travel industry, you stand a better chance of securing the ideal candidate for your business. In offering your employee a competitive wage you are also showing them that you value the skillset that they have taken time to build.

Work/life balance

In recent years, it has become more important for employees to feel as though they have achieved a successful and fulfilling work/life balance. People have become more aware of the dangers stress can have on their health and are always striving to maintain the perfect status quo between spending time with family and spending time at work. By offering your employers a more flexible system to work within, you are acknowledging their needs and concerns outside of the workplace and allowing them to live a more fulfilling life. Some employees might want to work from home, or perhaps your perfect employee lives on a remote island in the Hebrides? By giving them flexibility, instilling them with your trust and assuring them that you are aware that they have what it takes to get the work done.

Travel job with a purpose

While it is true that employees are happiest working in companies that share their personal values, a further key motivator is the feeling that what they are doing has purpose. Deriving meaning from their travel job means that it is more than a job. As an employer, consider what you can do to make it clear what greater purpose the candidate will fulfil if they join the organisation. Be clear about the goals and link these goals to a strategic purpose so that they understand the contribution they make goes beyond their immediate sphere of influence.

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