Here’s how to stand out in a job interview

They say you have 7 seconds to make a good first impression and a good impression is what you need, to stand out in a job interview for a new travel role.

But what boxes will you need to tick to ensure you impress the interviewer and set yourself apart from other candidates interviewing for the role?

I recently asked some of our most experienced travel recruitment professionals to recall the best job interview with a candidate they had ever had, and what had specifically impressed them the most.

The results were intriguing to say the least. In hiring them, they had stood out for me for the very same reasons.

Clearly requirements vary from role to role, but I would argue that you actually hire people who can demonstrate those skills, qualities and attributes that are a particular strength of yours so they resonate more with you, than those perhaps that are more suited to the role.

They call this a “spark of commonality” and a study released a few years ago suggested that hiring managers often recruit talent who have the potential to be their friends. A process of “cultural matching” between candidates, interviewers and companies. Employers look for candidates who are not only competent, but culturally similar to themselves, which is why it is so important to match the candidate to the culture of that company.

Back to scoring a home run on your job interview. Do you want to know what made a candidate stand out from the crowd?

Among those traits that elevated the candidate were excellent listening and communication skills. The candidates that made an impression were those that were well prepared, asked good questions and gave specific examples to showcase their knowledge and competencies.

Of course, personality, passion, drive and enthusiasm were all highlighted as stand-out characteristics, but the candidate also needed to be engaging and knowledgeable. Candidates also got a nod for being ambitious and open-minded, according to our travel recruitment professionals.