How to hire international travel candidates

Hiring an international candidate for a travel role can present its own unique set of challenges.

In addition to finding a way to connect personally with the candidate residing elsewhere in the world, you can never be sure, once hired, that the candidate will step up to the mark and make the leap to joining your travel company.

What’s more, you have an open travel position to fill, so time is of the essence.

With all the red tape involved, it’s easy to see why some travel employers would shy away from considering international candidates for travel roles, but with the current travel candidate shortage, now could very well be the best time to consider this type of person.

The right staff are not easy to find but if you are having trouble finding the candidates you need, perhaps you should consider expanding your search beyond borders.

Hiring an international candidate for a travel role might not be ideal, but it will always be worth it if you find the person with the right skill set. Thankfully, technology is making it easier than ever before to look outside of the geographical box and connect with the best travel candidates internationally.

Here are my three top tips for hiring international travel candidates:

  1. Social Media: A whopping 94% of recruiters are currently using at least one social media platform in their hiring process. It seems like everyone is talking about LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. One of the big benefits of social media when it comes to hiring international candidates, is that you don’t have to be local to connect. Social media networks make it possible to connect with travel professionals all over the globe. You don’t need to meet in person anymore to find your perfect travel candidate.
  2. Skype Interviewing: Once international candidates start to apply for your open vacancy, there’s no need to fly-in talent for the interview. This is unrealistic and expensive. Take advantage of Skype interviewing, which provide a live experience that’s not far off a traditional face-to-face interview. For the initial interview stage, employers can use a one-way video to get a feel for the travel candidate. Best of all, these video interviews can be recorded and played back so you can then share it with your hiring team to get their valuable opinion on your travel candidate.
  3. Mobile Recruiting: Today, 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices. An incredible 80% of all Internet users use a smartphone. In other words, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones. This means that candidates can apply to your travel vacancy from anywhere in the world. If your business is involved in social media marketing of any sort, there is a better than average chance incoming traffic will be accessing your site via mobile devices and if your website is not optimised for mobile viewing then job seekers may leave the site immediately.

Expanding your talent candidate pool by hiring an international candidate for a travel role is becoming increasingly popular.