How data-driven travel trade recruitment benefits your travel business

Our travel trade recruitment strategy has evolved exponentially with the boom in targeted data. However, as a company we have been gathering our own data on clients and candidates for many years. The difference now is the vast quantity of it. There is data available for everything from specialist companies, from our own databases, from LinkedIn, from Google, from individuals. There are now analytics of everything and anything on a huge scale. We welcome this, and it’s crucial to what we do every day, but we also believe it’s how you use the data that sets you apart from the competition.

4a blog. Data driven travel trade recuitment. Progressive Travel RecruitmentOur USP remains the fact that we all understand the travel industry from the inside. Our whole travel trade recruitment team has previously worked in the travel and hospitality industry. We therefore couple that with the boom in useful data to find the best candidates and work with the best clients. We also recognise that assembling the best teams is about more than knowing how to use data.

Optimising the travel trade recruitment process

progressive travel recruitment There are many ways in which we use data-driven recruitment now to optimise the recruitment process. A data-driven approach uses technologies and data to analyse a large talent pool and identify candidates with the right skills and experience. It allows us to dig deeper and provide the very best candidates. These are people who will significantly improve a travel company’s performance both short term and long term.

We also recognise, however, that some data is clunky and uses algorithms that don’t work. We spend a lot of time making sure that we’re using the right data in the right way. We keep up to date with new technologies, and with training.

Recruitment has changed vastly with the rise in technology providing data and analytics information. The hiring process has historically been long with some guesswork and assumption. With a traditional recruitment process, you’ll end up interviewing candidates and you still might not find the right fit for your travel business. With a data-driven approach to help identify and assess the best candidates, we can make the entire process far more efficient and more effective.

3a blog. Data driven travel trade recuitment. Progressive Travel RecruitmentData-driven travel trade recruitment can show variables that you may not have seen when it comes to a choice of qualified candidates for your travel business, particularly if there is seemingly nothing to distinguish which one is the better fit for the role. You can also increase the quality of hire and make more informed decisions based on data and recruitment analytics.

If you’re focusing on the variables that lead to the best hires you should also start to see your overall cost of hiring decrease as you streamline your traditional hiring process.

Data-driven recruitment is better for candidates

Improved candidate experience is another way data-led recruitment can help travel businesses. Being able to analyse and experiment with the metrics around the application process could identify possible steps that are not working, such as too many interviews or a process that is too time consuming for most candidates. It also means you’re more likely to be placed in a job that really suits you.

Travel industry expertise

I believe that Progressive Travel Recruitment has the edge in travel recruitment. It’s not solely due to our use of data, but, because we have inside knowledge of the industry, we can tailor how we use our data. We don’t just accept every piece of information in front of us – as we know that sometimes our travel industry knowledge trumps a computer’s. We always use our own expert analysis in each hire, too.

But data-driven travel trade recruitment has brought huge advantages. Using data enables us to recruit more efficiently, reduce costs and improve the recruitment process. Data and analytics are helping us take the guesswork out of recruitment and find more suitable people who will stay happy and in their position for longer.

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