When graduates get into travel

Want to get into travel? Start in sales. With the wide variety of positions available in travel sales currently, this really is the easiest route to join the travel industry if you’re a young graduate seeking an exciting career.

Travel is an industry filled with passionate people who love to travel, of course. It is dynamic, varied and sometimes unpredictable, but once you’ve joined its ranks, it’s difficult to get travel out of your blood.

To stand out from the crowd, new entrants should get involved. Travel usually offers employees an opportunity to attend travel events, exhibitions, familiarisation trips and product training. If an opportunity arises, you should put up your hand.

Make an effort to grow your personal brand using these solid tips and set yourself apart from your colleagues to ensure you rise up the ranks to your dream travel role.

It is enthusiasm, proactivity and initiative which prospective employers in travel truly appreciate. The opportunity for travel companies to hire new talent gives them an opportunity to leverage the breath of fresh air they bring to the company and role.

Graduates and new entrants are usually educated, confident and innovative. They want to contribute and, given the opportunity, will suggest creative ideas that are worth considering.

They are also a blank canvas in travel recruitment, so companies need to tailor the training to the position they will be undertaking. Although this may initially take more time, the opportunity will be an employee who is enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Corporates wanting to keep their new entrants engaged should ensure that they feel important and know the value they add to the business. It also helps to incentivise them with opportunities based on their performance.

For travel sales roles, graduates and newcomers will need to have strong communication and sales abilities, excellent customer service skills and the ability to cope well under pressure if they are to be successful in their new role.