Would you find your dream job on Facebook?

If you think all there is to your Facebook feed are images of your friends being fabulous in fabulous places to make you jealous, think again. If you’re joining the hunt for a new job in 2017, you may want to find a travel job on Facebook from now on.

Yes, Facebook. Because in between the cute shots of babies and kittens, griping about the bitterly cold winter and holiday snapshots, there are a myriad of opportunities for you to find a new job on Facebook, which incidentally has over 1.79 billion active users.

Does that mean you have to stop posting pictures of you sipping piña coladas on the beach so that the ‘right’ people take you seriously? Surely LinkedIn is the where you should be serious and look for jobs? Not necessarily on both counts.

Well, here are some tips for you to consider when scouring Facebook for a new travel role:

  • Complete your professional profile

Your Facebook profile allows you to update contact and basic information, details about you, places you’ve lived and your work and education experience. If you’re going to keep your profile open so that potential recruiters can gain insight into who you are, ensure that these are updated properly and comprehensively. Providing some personal insight through updating places you’ve travelled to – especially if you’re looking for a travel role – are a great way to hook your recruiter.

  • Get noticed

Part of finding the right job, is positioning yourself as a thought leader in a specific area. Ensure that you are following the ‘right’ people in your industry and are a member of industry groups. You should also share and comment on any relevant and interesting thought leadership content you find about topics in which you specialise so that others in the field associate you with that expertise.

  • Group your friends

You may not want to share all your posts with all your friends. If you have friended colleagues or industry contacts on Facebook, you can create a Professional list and target them with work-related status updates. To create a Professional List, visit your list of friends and click on the rectangle next to a professional contact’s name. Scroll down to + New List. When you are ready to post a status update, click on the Friends rectangle and select your Professional List to post work-related status updates. Not everyone wants to see where you’re eating lunch.

  • Networking

If over 1.79 billion people are on Facebook, you have to bet that so too are the people who would potentially hire you or help you find a position that suits your needs. Progressive Travel Recruitment, for instance, has a Facebook page that is updated regularly with and advertises our featured travel roles, which will pop on to your news feed from time to time if you like our page.  So like us and check out our weekly Friday round-up of travel roles. Your dream job may just be on the page at the right time.