How to Grab Executive Travel Recruitment Opportunities

Looking for an executive travel job? Don’t think that a position will land in your lap. If you’re feeling stuck in a job, the only thing to do is take action. Sit still, and someone else will take the executive travel recruitment opportunity that could have been yours.

Talk to an executive travel recruitment expert

So, what’s the best course of action? First, talk to an expert. As someone who recruits for many leading travel companies, invariably I’m talking to high-level members of the business who are responsible for recruiting. These are the contacts who are the best executive travel recruiters in the sector. And, because I’ve spent years building relationships with these people, they trust me to find them good staff. Those high-paying executive jobs – senior managers, heads of departments, directors – are often not advertised elsewhere. I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years, working in the UK, and overseas and I recruit all over the world.

Get your social media accounts in order

Secondly, as an executive travel job seeker, get your social media accounts and LinkedIn profile looking their best. Potential executive travel recruiters can be put off by unprofessional accounts, or vague LinkedIn profiles. Make your information clear, informative, and easy to understand – and if your Facebook page is only about personal friendships and family, make it private.

Stay connected – know where executive travel recruitment happens

Third, stay connected. Often, I find that candidates who I’ve placed end up coming back to use our executive travel recruitment services to fill new jobs themselves. They know how thorough our process is – how well we identify, screen, present and prepare our candidates. So, when they need to hire new staff, they come back as employers to use our services, moving from candidate to business partner.

Connections are crucial in employment – look up people you know in the sector and reconnect. These could be people who worked below you in one job, but have risen through the ranks. Or old friends from courses or conferences. Follow travel companies you’re interested in working with, and keep up to date with their developments and news.

Find a specialist executive travel recruitment agency

Finally, put yourself out there. Talk to a specialist executive travel recruitment agency, such as Progressive Travel Recruitment. Our candidates are always in an advantageous position, as recruiters trust us to recommend the right people for their executive travel jobs.

Whether you’re employing or looking for that next step up, talking to a specialist travel recruiter will always be advantageous. The fact that we are constantly networking, are well connected, efficient and discreet, and we look outside the box to fill executive travel jobs, means we add enormous value to the recruitment process. Our skill is finding the right partnership. We get to know the role, but also the culture of the company, so recruit not simply from a competency perspective but also a culture and behavioural fit.

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