How to find the best executive travel director jobs 

Executive search agencies seem to be springing up like conference execs at a free bar at the moment. It’s all very well starting up what is supposedly an executive search recruitment business, but are the roles being offered really top level (£30k isn’t top-level by the way)? And, do you have enough specialist knowledge to recruit in several industries at once?

At Progressive Travel Recruitment we’ve always prided ourselves on our USP – we are travel specialists. Yes, we’re travel and hospitality recruiters, but we’ve all worked in the travel industry before. We know how travel works from the inside out, as well as vice versa. We’re best placed to source executive travel director jobs and candidates to fill them.

This means we’re well connected – we know people. Between the combined members of our global team, we have comprehensive connectivity in the worldwide travel and hospitality industry. That’s why our Executive Search by Progressive division is only about travel. We aren’t properly connected to find the best CEOs and director roles for other industries. So we stick to where we know we can perform to our absolute best: executive recruitment in the travel and hospitality industry. Our executive travel director jobs start at minimum £70k salaries; we’re looking at roles at executive committee and board level. And because most of our best placements are made by headhunting via those connections that we make and nurture every day, we make the most accurate matches.

Most people searching for executive level jobs in any given industry – CEOs, directors, senior managers, other C-level roles – have been in the business a while. They’re likely to know the ins and outs of their own industry pretty well, so they don’t want someone who’s green about it guiding their recruitment process. They need a specialist. That’s why we stick to what we know best. We’re never about winging it, we’re always about applying expert knowledge and skills when we recruit in the travel and hospitality industry.

The best executive search recruiters in travel

One of our directors, Fiona Morrison-Arnthal has recently been recruiting in the fast-growing area of hospitality technology. Her testimonials show how much people appreciate her skills and expertise as a true executive search recruiter in the travel and hospitality industry.

Fiona recently helped Angie Bartholomew gain the role of General Manager UK and Ireland at Shiji Group. Angie said, ‘I have been truly impressed with Fiona since she approached me for a role at Shiji Group, and throughout the successful recruitment process. Always happy to help with any query, she showed grit and resilience despite some bumps in the road (both professional and personal), an absolute trooper!! Fiona has a fantastic ability to draw on previous knowledge as and when required and if a query crops up she is unfamiliar with, will go out of her way to get answers and a successful outcome. Highly recommended.’

Fiona has also been working with OYO, who within 6 years have become the world’s third largest hospitality business. This is what their Director of Talent for Europe, Saskia van den Ende, says, ‘Fiona has been OYO’s preferred supplier in the UK and Europe over the past year. She has been supporting across all countries and functions. She has brought in dozens of hires for us. She has also been doing a lot of work on marketing roles. She knows our business inside out and truly operates at the speed of light. Safe to say your hiring needs are in very good hands.’

Fiona also works on a number of roles at this level that are subject to NDAs and are not made public. Many businesses don’t want to shout about changes at their highest tier. It takes skill to identify, source and present passive candidates when you are unable to provide the name of the company and remain quite vague on the opportunity without it being obvious who the business is. In these instances, the only way you’re going to be able to be eligible for an NDA executive role is via Fiona. Another reason to connect.

Without wishing to boast, I’ve had similar high praise from clients and candidates, too. Souchil Rogbeer, who I helped gain the role as General Manager Contract Europe at Al Tayyar Group in Dubai, said, ‘…James has been instrumental in my career growth, from my arrival from Dubai to my position as General Manager. James has followed my professional development over 4 years, and I can state with confidence he has had a major positive impact with his professional advice making my career grow from Market Manager to General Manager in the span of only 4 years. His passion to support career growth is next to none and his high degree of integrity and knowledge of the market can be trusted 100%.’

Today’s executive travel director jobs require a modern approach

Another issue with some executive search firms is that they’re awfully old-school. Many seem stuck in the British class system, with oak-trimmed websites, and some sort of old-boys’ networking approach. High-level recruitment really doesn’t need to be like the secret service. With the right knowledge in the right industry, you can find the right people. It never needs to involve special handshakes, or friends of friends. We believe in equal rights and equal opportunities, and whether you’re wearing a fancy suit or a millennial beard, if you’ve got the skills, we can find you the right top-level travel job.

So, if you’re looking for executive travel director jobs – your next big role at C-level, director or senior manager within the global travel industry, you know who to call. We can get you jobs from Myanmar to Manchester, and offer a sensible, expert modern approach to truly executive travel jobs.

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