Executive search for top travel and hospitality talent

We know that when you’re looking to fill a high-level management or director role, you don’t want to have to filter through 50 sales candidates. This Executive Search branch of Progressive Travel Recruitment is designed for you.

Why use Progressive Executive Search?

Progressive Travel Recruitment is the leading supplier of travel and hospitality talent. We operate on six continents, and have an unprecedented level of expertise. All our team have worked in the travel and hospitality industries and are dedicated recruiters.

Whatever level of candidate we’re supplying, we apply our core values of integrity, discretion, approachability and expertise. But we know that when looking for top level travel and hospitality executives, you need that little bit extra. Our dedication to headhunting the right people to match your executive search will be what makes the difference.

All our executive team have extensive networks of travel and hospitality candidates throughout both industries. They’re in contact with many passive candidates, who may not be actively searching for a travel or hospitality role, but who want us to contact them if the next step in their travel or hospitality career makes an appearance. We always go the extra mile for our clients, in finding the best directors, CEOs, finance managers, digital managers, and more. If you need any sort of director-level role filled in your travel or hospitality company, come to Progressive Executive Search.

What you gain from using us to find you next top talent for your travel company, be they directors, CEOs, COOS, vice presidents or any other high-level management position, is our expertise and our dedicated service to find you that top-level employee or business partner.

We feel one of our main USPs is our approachability. We know the travel and hospitality markets inside out, and don’t need to apply sales techniques on our clients or candidates. We are down to earth, and can seek out the most dedicated executive candidates from years of practise.

Our travel and hospitality networks

All our executive travel and hospitality recruitment consultants are travel experts. We make it our job to keep connected with hundreds of travel and hospitality companies in the UK and across the world.

We opened two new North America branches in 2019 (New York, and Toronto) and now have offices on four continents, in England, Scotland, the USA, Canada, Dubai, South Africa, and Mauritius. Our search for the right person can be global.

Many of us have lived and worked globally. We understand the nuances of different countries and continents, and what to look for in the people we place.

We’re also always flexible and approachable and never apply a one-size-fits-all approach to finding the best top-level travel and hospitality candidates.

Executive travel and hospitality talent

We know that the people you’re looking for to fill the top positions in your company need to be the highest calibre. They need to show leadership, and have the exceptional confidence and management skills, specialist skills, or networking ability to help your business flourish and progress.

We apply our own professionalism to every search. As we’ve said, headhunting forms the major part of this – but we also have exclusive access to elite networks to find the right top level travel or hospitality candidates for you.

The best travel and hospitality people are often willing to spend time in new countries for work – obviously part of the pleasure of working in travel or hospitality is the travel. Our network of executive travel and hospitality talent is truly global. No matter where you’re looking to place a new manager, CEO, COO, or director, we can and will find the right travel or hospitality candidate for you.

Get in touch

Whatever the executive or C-level travel job you wish to fill, contact us and let’s start the conversation. We work with all sizes of travel and hospitality companies from small and medium enterprises, to large global travel and hospitality organisations with whole teams of corporate executives.