Executive Search by Progressive Travel Recruitment

Executive Search by Progressive Travel Recruitment

If you’re looking for top-level travel or hospitality candidates for directorships and management positions in your travel or hospitality company, you’re in the right place. This is the exclusive Executive Search section of Progressive Travel Recruitment: click CLIENTS, below.

If you’re searching for your next management position at executive level in the travel or hospitality industries, browse our exclusive Executive Search JOBS page – or find out more on our Executive Search CANDIDATES page.

Read some of the testimonials by clients and candidates who have developed strong travel recruitment partnerships with us here.

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What we offer in Executive Search for travel and hospitality

This new arm of our travel and hospitality recruitment business run by Progressive Travel Recruitment director James Roberts with a strong team of fellow directors and senior travel recruiters, is dedicated to executive hire.

We have heard from a lot of clients and candidates that when they’re searching for the very top-level roles in the travel and hospitality industries, that there isn’t a dedicated place to go that offers truly senior roles. There are a lot of roles that claim to be executive but are actually middle-management or second level jobs. What we’re catering for here is the very top rung of the travel career ladder. We’re talking directorships, top-tier management, and C-level jobs – CEOs, Financial directors, and so on.

High expectations

Those looking for these high-level executive travel or hospitality roles demand the very best service. People who know us already recognise that we have the in-depth knowledge of the global travel and hospitality markets to properly deliver great results for executive searches in the travel and hospitality industries.

Of course, top-level roles with attractive premium level salaries aren’t always advertised. We make it our job to know the market and to find out when and where these roles are coming up. We then use our specialist knowledge of the travel and hospitality industries and our connections in it to find the most suitable candidates. We know that clients don’t want to sift through a pile of the wrong type of applicants, and we also know that great candidates don’t want to sift through a pile of mid-level jobs when they’re looking for top executive travel and hospitality roles.

This new service is all about a dedicated global executive search. These roles could be anywhere in travel and hospitality, from airlines to tour operators, business travel companies, online travel companies, hotels, DMCs, airports, and in any sector of travel and hospitality including technology and finance.

The difference

The difference between us and other executive search services is firstly that we’re exclusively about travel and hospitality. James Roberts is leading this new executive search arm of Progressive Travel Recruitment, working alongside his dedicated travel and hospitality teams. Connect with James, Fiona Morrison-Arnthal, Nicola Townsend and Tony Macdonald on LinkedIn to join our network and start a conversation.

We can seamlessly connect our executive level candidates to senior positions anywhere in the world. The service we provide for clients and candidates looking for exec level travel and hospitality jobs and people is all about following our brand principals of integrity, professionalism, and being well-connected and knowledgeable. For clients, we can successfully place senior travel and hospitality candidates into business-critical vacancies.

We apply the same level of dedication across Progressive Travel Recruitment, but now, if you’re in the market for executive level positions or candidates, this is your dedicated one stop shop.