5 Perks of Travel Jobs via Executive Recruitment Agencies

Once you’ve reached an executive stage in your career, simply applying for jobs that appear in the usual channels won’t usually get the best results. By using executive recruitment agencies, you’re giving yourself an advantage.

Five perks of searching for the best high-level travel jobs via an executive recruitment agency are:

Inside Knowledge

Specialist executive recruitment agencies give you access to confidential jobs that aren’t on the open market. At Progressive Travel Recruitment, we have a large team who are talking to travel companies every day. They find out about the best jobs before the employers have even thought of advertising.

Executive Recruitment Specialists

We can introduce you to people and companies you may not know exist. Not all travel companies shout from the rooftops. We’re in touch with many specialist small companies that offer top-level jobs. These places can offer the best opportunities for luxury travel, too – and often only do it through executive recruitment agencies like ours.

A Helping Hand

We can guide you through the executive recruitment process. Even at this level, it helps to have someone on your side throughout. We can give you inside knowledge on companies, individuals, and expectations, arming you for a great interview.

Introduction to New Brands

Again, due to having our ear to the ground, we hear about what’s new and what’s just around the corner in the travel industry all over the world. We can introduce you to brands that are about to open in your home market, whether that’s the UK or abroad. Expert executive recruitment agencies in the global travel market like ours get to know about these new openings before the general public even gets wind of the information.

Executive Recruiters Save You Work

As executive recruiters, we do a lot of the work for you. Our job is accurately matching your experience and your requirements to the needs of our clients. We’re not going to try and pair you if it’s not a good fit. We know the details of the companies we work with and know what sort of people they hire. We recruit for executive travel jobs each and every day, so we have got pretty good at successful matchmaking in this executive recruitment world.


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