10 reasons why executive recruiters find the best travel candidates

As executive recruiters, it’s our job to seek out travel candidates – we don’t just wait for them to knock on our door. We headhunt, we use advanced data to help our clients make decisions, and we have extensive inside knowledge. Here are 10 reasons why true executive recruitment specialists will find you the best candidates.

1. Specialists  Executive search firms specialise in finding high-level candidates, usually in a specific area – for us, that’s travel. If you’re looking to fill senior roles, including C-level CEOs and directors, you don’t want to take any chances – you need a specialist in your sector. We know the travel market and know where the best candidates are. Our travel recruitment team members have all worked in travel and understand what is required for the roles our clients need to fill.



2. Headhunting  A high percentage of our roles are filled by headhunting. We find passive candidates who aren’t even actively looking for roles. To be honest, the majority of our day is spent headhunting here at Progressive Travel Recruitment. It can take hours and days to work one role just to find that certain gem but once you have found them it’s incredibly rewarding, for us, and for the client. Headhunting is a real talent, as you have to be very creative, but it’s always worth it.



3. Connections  We use our extensive connections across the travel industry every day – and leverage our existing contacts with every executive appointment. This works both ways, as we often find candidates have pre-conceived ideas about employers and whether they would consider pursuing an opportunity with that brand. They may believe what they hear from counterparts, but this isn’t necessarily a true reflection of the reality. We offer inside knowledge.



4. Data  We help our clients make data-driven decisions, using advanced industry insights. We can give accurate information about how successful their search is likely to be in different locations, and can map the size of the talent pool geographically all over the world. Not only can we provide this advice, we can also offer assistance and save them wasted time if their candidate requirements aren’t a possibility in a given location.




5. Risk-reduction  The risk of a bad hire is vastly reduced when you use a specialist executive search recruitment agency, because it’s literally our job to know the market and know the best candidates out there. With our tech tools and access to significant industry data, and our experience as travel industry executive recruiters we do source the top candidates for all roles. We cross all the ‘T’s and dot every ‘I’ each time we present a candidate. It’s not worth risking a bad hire.



6. Reputation  Every hire we make affects our reputation. Read some of our reviews here. It’s not just in a client’s interest for us to place the best candidate, but in ours too. People talk, and the global travel industry is smaller than you might imagine, particularly at the top tier. At Progressive Travel Recruitment, the team is all incredibly dedicated – we go the extra mile, not just for the reputation of the company, but because we know providing a good service is the most satisfying way to work.



7. Relationships  We obviously build very strong relationships with our travel clients and get to know the inside story on their businesses, so that we can attract candidates who will really fit in. We’ve been in business a while and have built up many very strong relationships. We work with travel companies of all sizes, and give equal weight to all clients. We also build relationships with passive candidates who will jump when the right role comes up – we don’t go into the market blind.


8. Experience  Being good at placing executive roles requires experience. We’re a fairly mature and very experienced team of executive recruiters here at Progressive Travel Recruitment. For example, my most recent executive placement was for a MD for a Travel Management company. It took real skill to tap into our network to  find the best people out there. Confidence, knowing your market and talking sense are key to working high-level travel roles. No-one’s going to fall for waffle.



9. Mediators  We talk to both sides – the client and the candidate, so we get a really thorough picture of what each requires, so are more likely to pair them up better. We can establish the answers to difficult candidate and client questions at an early stage, to avoid wasting anyone’s time.

It’s not for nothing that this job is sometimes compared to relationship matchmaking!



10. Time-saving  Using specialist executive recruiters always saves that most valuable resource: time. It saves the time of having to advertise the role (which is only a tiny percentage of the effort in finding the best candidate), of searching through hundreds of applicants (potentially missing someone great), and of deliberating who would be suitable before the interview stage. It’s no secret that a majority of candidates who apply for roles are not suitable.


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