How to turn demotivated staff into a happy workforce

Demotivation can be contagious. Just one demotivated staff member can spread negative vibes throughout an office quickly and easily. And once your workforce is feeling demoralised, it’s difficult to get them motivated again.

As an employer, the motivation and wellbeing of your team is your responsibility. To ensure that they function to the best of their ability, all team members must be fully engaged and committed. Motivating an entire team comes with its challenges, but one of the key things to remember is that a team comprises individuals whose specific needs also need to be addressed.

Recognising the warning signs of demotivation early and addressing them quickly, can help encourage a motivated workforce and retain your travel talent.

Here are some of the common reasons for demotivated staff and how to tackle this:

1. Lack of job security

All employees want to feel a sense of security and longevity in their travel role. You can help facilitate this with regular coaching and objective setting, as well as ensuring your employees feel a part of the success and progress of the travel organisation.

2.  No career progression

The lack of a realistic and achievable career path can be a key demotivator for those employees seeking career progression within a travel organisation. Career visioning can be a useful process in setting clear, long-term goals for an employee so that they can actively work towards projected outcomes.

3. Feeling under-valued

If an employee feels that their efforts are not being recognised or appreciated, they may soon begin to lack energy and commitment. It is very important to celebrate successes with your staff and give credit where it is due. Try to ensure that achievements are rewarded and your travel employee feels valued. A simple thank you or even a work lunch can do wonders.

4. Poor leadership

Effective leadership is an essential factor in motivating your travel staff. If strong leadership is lacking and negatively affecting the outlook of the team, certain employees may start to feel demoralised. If an individual is lacking motivation in your business, it may be due to a lack of good management.

5. Demotivated staff due to workplace conflict

Conflict in the workplace is hugely detrimental. It is important to keep an eye out for any workplace intimidation or bullying. Some employees may feel worried to come forward about issues relating to a fellow colleague, which is where an anonymous employee survey may help to reveal any problem areas.

6. Lack of training and development opportunities

Most employees will value ongoing learning potential and the sense that they are expanding and improving their skills and knowledge-base. If a workplace feels stagnant, non-progressive and uninspired, your employees’ motivation levels will soon dwindle. Regular travel training and development opportunities can help boost employee motivation and engagement. Also, get regular feedback from your travel team to see where increased training or development opportunities would be best placed and appreciated.

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