Is the cost of an empty desk worth it?

We all know the cost of losing a staff member is significant, but what about the cost of an empty desk associated with failing to fill a travel vacancy with the right talent because what you are offering simply isn’t competitive?

The cost of an empty seat in your business puts pressure on staff to pick up the slack, makes staff think you’re not serious about finding a replacement and results in a failure to deliver customer services which in turn impacts on productivity and profits.

Gone are the days where travel employers sat in the pound seat and had their pick of candidates from which to choose. In today’s travel recruitment environment, companies need to stand out from the crowd as attractive employers by ensuring they tick all the boxes:  good basic salary, bonuses, benefits, working environment, training prospects, promotion opportunities, location and even, reputation.

If your competitors are ticking more of these boxes than you, and better than you are, your competitiveness as a travel employer is at risk. Good news is that this is easily remedied.

The first step should be to review your competitors’ career pages and check Glassdoor and other recruitment websites for information on what your competitors are offering in terms of a package.

Working with a specialist travel recruitment partner will also help inform your benchmarking exercise. Trust them when they give you this information. Their advice is not given to earn more commission. Rather, it is to help you attract and retain talent because they are seeking a business partnership and relationship that goes beyond the once-off placement.

Consider assessing the results of leavers’ surveys or exit interviews. Are you asking your outgoing staff what roles they are going to, what attracted them to that role and what they will be earning?

Take some time to evaluate how long it will take to identify a candidate if your job offer is not competitive and the seat remains empty, against the return on investment for paying an industry-benchmarked salary and having a happy, productive employee who is hitting KPIs and targets.

In the world of travel recruitment, a penny-wise, pound-foolish approach is not going to win you the talent you need for business success.