Client FAQs

Facts, Answers and Questions (FAQs)

Do you send me a selection of candidates for each travel role?

We can give you an idea as to how large we believe the size of the talent pool will be. This will depend on the location of the roles and the skills you require. We can offer this service at no cost, which will help you decide on how best to strategically hire (location, being realistic about the size of the talent pool) for your travel business.

Can you advise if this is a good time to post a job ad for my travel team?

We keep a keen eye on the market but as many of our methods involve using personal networks, and our database of verified candidates as well as headhunting, and we can defy market trends.

Can you help me set a salary for a position?

We do have experience across the travel industry and can help you set a benchmarked salary for a position, as well as talk through any benefits the position may offer, which could help gain more interest in a travel role.

Are you able to tell me why a candidate wants a new travel job?

Nowadays, most people are not in a job for life. The majority of candidates have ambitions to progress and develop their skill-set and experience. If your travel business can’t offer the opportunity for progression then it is likely they will be lost to a competitor that can.

Do you recruit for roles outside the UK?

Yes. We are the preferred supplier to many travel businesses around the globe. While we are a British company, we have people spread around the world. Our team has a mix of nationalities and most of us have lived and worked overseas, so we understand cultural differences when it comes to recruiting talent for your travel team.

Do you have specialist divisions?

Our recruiters are focussed on an area of the business that lends well to their experience in the travel industry. We have teams focussed on business travel, IT & travel technology, in-house travel management & leisure travel.

Can you offer advice on where we should recruit?

Yes, not just with our personal experience but we have access to vast amounts of data. We can quickly provide data and insights so you know the size and quality of the travel talent pool in any given market. This enables you to make informed business decisions when it comes to expanding your business into different markets.

Do you only work on an exclusive basis?

We can do either, but prefer to work on an exclusive basis as this helps protect your brand as a potential employer. It also gives us more of an opportunity to map the market and strategically target candidates.

What makes you different to other travel recruitment agencies?

Our people are the main differentiator. Click to meet the team and view their recommendations they have received from travel candidates and travel clients on our company LinkedIn page.

I have a confidential travel vacancy to fill – how will you work on this?

We are often approached to fill confidential roles, for a variety of reasons. We recognise the sensitivities around this so handle every request professionally.

What is your corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy?

We are committed to giving something back to society. We treat our employees fairly and ethically, and believe strongly in ensuring our staff are happy and satisfied in their jobs, with good training, and regular support, as well as clear lines of communication. We also expect our clients to treat our candidates fairly and ethically, too.

As a company we are committed to charity work, and actively support Reuben’s Retreat, a charity helping children who have life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses, as well as their families, and also assisting parents and siblings who have a lost a child. Our director Tony Macdonald also works with Syrian refugee families in Scotland.

Do you support diversity within the workplace?

We are strong believers in diversity and inclusion at Progressive Travel Recruitment. We are determined to offer employment regardless of race, sex, age, sexuality, disability, or any other factor. We actively like to give people chances in life, where they may have not had them previously. We would expect our clients to adhere to the same policy of inclusion.

Would you work with clients who don’t adhere to the Modern Slavery Act?

We are ardent supports of the Modern Slavery Act, and would not knowingly work with clients who did not support it, in this country or worldwide. We are committed to preventing any incidents of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within our business and within companies we work with.

All our staff have the same basic right to be treated with respect and dignity at work. We believe employment should be chosen, with no forced, bonded or involuntary labour. Supplier employees must not be required to give money in order to work and must be free to leave employment after the giving of reasonable notice.

Modern slavery is a global problem. It is extremely difficult for any international organisation to guarantee that its business and supply chain is slavery free but we take seriously the risk of modern slavery to our business and any that we work with.

Do you have a complaints procedure?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service to candidates and clients. If you are not satisfied with the level of service you have received from us we would like you to tell us about it. All complaints are taken seriously and feedback is appreciated as it provides us with an opportunity to improve our standards.

If you would like to make a formal written complaint, you can contact our Managing Director, James Roberts, Worlds End Studios, 132-134 Lots Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0RJ.

I have a travel job vacancy I would like help filling. How do I do this?

Simply email or visit our Submit a Vacancy page to upload your travel job role. One of our Progressive Travel Recruitment consultants will get in contact to source more information to ensure that we find the perfect candidates to suit the travel role you need to fill.

What are your fees?

This varies according to the seniority of each vacancy. We will be able to discuss this with you during our chat, and send you a proposal.

What is your recruitment process?

Once you have submitted your role, Progressive Travel Recruitment scours its database of potential candidates and our specific networks in the travel and tourism sector to find the perfect candidate that would suit your needs. We will then send you their CV for your consideration and schedule an interview with the candidate. We do a lot more than simply advertise the role for you.  We believe that passive (non-active) candidates are often the strongest.  Using our skills & connections, we promote the position & your company.

Do you advertise?

Our method of travel recruitment relies mostly on personal networks and a database of verified candidates interested in travel roles, but we do advertise certain roles through a variety of platforms.

Do you conduct reference checks?

Upon offer of employment, Progressive Travel Recruitment is able to provide reference checks on the successful candidate. However, most travel companies prefer to obtain their own references.

Can you provide temps or candidates for short-term contracts?

Most of our vacancies are permanent, however we are able to recruit for contract positions.