Cape Town – Water Crisis Averted

Having spent last winter in Cape Town, I followed the Cape water crisis with personal interest, reporting on the blog back in February how Capetonians and visitors were managing the crisis situation. My colleague Fiona Morrison-Arnthal, who used to work in Cape Town’s travel industry, has also been following the story and has informed me that things are improving and that Cape Town has averted the crisis.

In a recent announcement, Dam managers Cullinan Holdings said, ‘A miraculous increase in dam levels in one month with improved winter rains and a 50% savings in daily water usage in the Western Cape effectively sees the end of the Cape Town’s severe drought.’

The Western Cape Dam levels on June 25th 2018 stood at 42.7% full compared to just 24.3% in 2017 and 35.7% in 2016. By the end of October, levels are predicted to be above 60%. In October 2017, they were down at 38.5%.

Cape Town dams are filling, but water restrictions remain in place

Water restrictions remain in place, and residents and tourists are still encouraged to maintain sustainable water-wise practices to keep those dam levels up. But the levels show how well the water-restrictions have worked. Daily usage is at 50% less than last year. The rains have also played a significant part.

Tourism is key to the Western Cape economy and the area’s main employer, so businesses will be thankful that tourism hasn’t been harmed by the water crisis. Cape Town water crisis has been averted, and the city is well and truly open for business, excited to keep welcoming visitors.

The world has been watching to see when and how Cape Town would survive this situation. It has done exceptionally well. CEO of Cullinan Holdings, Michael Tollman, reports, ‘Cape Town has come through the crisis wiser, smarter, more united and more committed to tourism than ever.’ I would say Cape Town can be an example to others to help solve water shortages, as this global water-provision problem is unlikely to go away.

It’s great to see how everyone, from government to farmers and residents to tourism businesses pulled together to reduce their water consumption so effectively for a common objective. Let’s hope the whole planet starts to act responsibly in terms of water sustainability for all our futures.

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