Facts, Answers and Questions (FAQs)

Will you tell me what bonuses, holidays and perks are available in a job before the interview?

Obviously, this depends on the job in question. We discuss everything with you before we submit your CV to our clients. The client is also fully briefed so they know your current and desired package.

Can you advise me about jobs where you can travel?

Jobs where you can travel are obviously something a lot of people are looking for. We are a travel job recruitment specialist, so you’ve come to the right place. Whatever you’re looking for, contact us in the first instance, and we can lead you to the jobs that suit whatever it is that you’re after, whether that’s management jobs with plenty of travel or lower level jobs where you can travel, or something different.

Why is it better to go through you to apply for a travel job?

We get a lot more travel job postings than are simply put up as adverts on ad-sites. We have inside knowledge of many travel companies, and know when jobs are coming up and what they entail, giving you important information before you speak to them. We are travel specialists so can advise on the whole travel job market. We also offer all sorts of useful aids such as checking your CV and advising on interview technique. And if you don’t get one travel job, we can put you forward for other similar positions, or advise if we think you’d be suitable for a job you may not even have considered. We also work on confidential travel jobs which are never in the public domain. In these instances we may ask you to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Will an employer look at my social media profiles?

The short answer is yes. It’s your job to make sure they’re suitable to be thoroughly looked over by a potential employer, and if not keep them on a private setting. Remember to untag yourself from any unsuitable images, too. As for your LinkedIn page, is it up to date and does it reflect your experience? Make sure it’s looking good before you apply. Get someone else to look over it and give their opinion, too – read our blog on this for more tips.

Can you give tips on interview technique?

We can offer advice for any particular interview you are going for, particularly if we know the company well. We’d also advise a read of this blog on the subject by one of our senior recruiters.

I’m looking for IT jobs in travel – can you help?

We have a dedicated travel IT and tech division. Register with us here, describing what you require and we will endeavour to find you the right travel role in this increasingly important travel sector.

Do you advertise for travel recruitment jobs in your own company?

We’re always willing to consider exceptional candidates for Progressive Travel Recruitment. If you’re looking for a new challenge, have recruitment experience and have worked in travel, you may be able to join our team of enthusiastic and talented travel recruitment professionals. Should you wish to contact us about opportunities to join the Progressive Travel Recruitment team, please email james@progressivetravelrecruitment.com.

I haven’t worked in travel before but want to start – should I register with you?

You are welcome to register to with us, but it is important to note that most of our clients use of our services as they are looking for us to supply them with relevant experience. Most of the time this means experience with another travel company.

What is your corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy?

We are committed to giving something back to society. We treat our employees fairly and ethically, and believe strongly in ensuring our staff are happy and satisfied in their jobs, with good training, and regular support, as well as clear lines of communication. We also expect our clients to treat our candidates fairly and ethically, too.

As a company we are committed to charity work, and actively support Reuben’s Retreat, a charity helping children who have life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses, as well as their families, and also assisting parents and siblings who have a lost a child. Our director Tony Macdonald also works with Syrian refugee families in Scotland.

Do you support diversity within the workplace?

We are strong believers in diversity and inclusion at Progressive Travel Recruitment. We are determined to offer employment regardless of race, sex, age, sexuality, disability, or any other factor. We actively like to give people chances in life, where they may have not had them previously. We would expect our clients to adhere to the same policy of inclusion.

Would you work with clients who don’t adhere to the Modern Slavery Act?

We are ardent supports of the Modern Slavery Act, and would not knowingly work with clients who did not support it, in this country or worldwide. We are committed to preventing any incidents of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within our business and within companies we work with.

All our staff have the same basic right to be treated with respect and dignity at work. We believe employment should be chosen, with no forced, bonded or involuntary labour. Supplier employees must not be required to give money in order to work and must be free to leave employment after the giving of reasonable notice.

Modern slavery is a global problem. It is extremely difficult for any international organisation to guarantee that its business and supply chain is slavery free but we take seriously the risk of modern slavery to our business and any that we work with.

Do you have a complaints procedure?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service to candidates and clients. If you are not satisfied with the level of service you have received from us we would like you to tell us about it. All complaints are taken seriously and feedback is appreciated as it provides us with an opportunity to improve our standards.

If you would like to make a formal written complaint, you can contact our managing director, James Roberts, Worlds End Studios, 132-134 Lots Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0RJ.

Once I apply for a job, how long before someone contacts me?

Upon submitting your CV, we will review your skills and experience in relation to the role. If you are shortlisted, one of the team will get in touch within 48 working hours to discuss the role and gain additional information about your career history.

You are advertising a few jobs I am interested in. Should I apply for all of them or will you consider me for other suitable roles when you read my CV?

We will consider you for suitable travel roles when you submit your CV. There will be no need to apply for all positions, but perhaps highlight those that are of the most interest to you when your recruitment consultant gets in touch.

Why doesn’t the job advert state the name of the company?

We act on the instruction of companies to find suitable candidates for the position and pride ourselves in ensuring their privacy as well as matching the perfect candidate to the role. As such, it is our role to send through only those candidates that would be the right fit.

Do I have to pay you to represent me?

Candidates do not have to pay Progressive Travel Recruitment to represent them.

Can you help me build my or tailor my CV?

Everyone at Progressive Travel Recruitment has worked in travel and we are all experts in helping you put your best attributes forward. Not only do we provide a CV template on our website, our consultants are also available to give advice on your CV.

You can also have your CV reviewed for free with our partner Jaylewla.

If I am not suitable for this role will you consider me for others?

Progressive Travel Recruitment will consider you for all travel roles that would be relevant to you and for which you would be the perfect candidate.

I think I have applied for the same role with another agency. Can I apply with you also/instead?

If you have applied for the same vacancy with another agency, unfortunately we cannot represent you for that particular role, however we may have other vacancies which would suit your skills and experience.

I will be moving to the UK/other country arriving in a few months’ time. Is is it worth starting to apply/look now or should I wait until I arrive?

If you are able to attend interview, at short notice, in the country you are moving to, then it can be beneficial to apply for roles in advance. However, many companies look to hire staff at short notice, so it really depends on each individual vacancy.

Why does the advert not state the salary?

For some vacancies, the salary is negotiated with the company based on the level of expertise and experience that the selected candidate can offer.