Facts, Answers and Questions (FAQs)

Once I apply for a job, how long before someone contacts me?

Upon submitting your CV, we will review your skills and experience in relation to the role.  If you are shortlisted, one of the team will get in touch within 48 working hours to discuss the role and gain additional information about your career history.

You are advertising a few jobs I am interested in. Should I apply for all of them or will you consider me for other suitable roles when you read my CV?

We will consider you for suitable roles when you submit your CV.  There will be no need to apply for all positions, but perhaps highlight those that are of the most interest to you when your recruitment consultant gets in touch.

Why doesn’t the job advert state the name of the company?

We act on the instruction of companies to find suitable candidates for the position and pride ourselves in ensuring their privacy as well as matching the perfect candidate to the role.  As such, it is our role to send through only those candidates that would be the right fit.

Do I have to pay you to represent me?

Candidates do not have to pay Progressive Travel Recruitment to represent them.

Can you help me build my or tailor my CV?

Everyone at Progressive Travel Recruitment has worked in travel and are experts in helping you put your best attributes forward.  Not only do we provide a CV template on our website, but our consultants are also available to give advice for your CV as well as the interview process.

If I am not suitable for this role will you consider me for others?

Progressive Travel Recruitment will consider you for all roles that would be relevant to you and for which you would be the perfect candidate.

I think I have applied for the same role with another agency. Can I apply with you also/instead?

If you have applied for the same vacancy with another agency, unfortunately we cannot represent you for that particular role, however we may have other vacancies which would suit your skills and experience.

I will be moving to the UK/other country arriving in a few months’ time. Is is it worth starting to apply/look now or should I wait until I arrive?

If you are able to attend interview, at short notice, in the country you are moving to, then it can be beneficial to apply for roles in advance.  However many companies look to hire staff at short notice, so it really depends on each individual vacancy.

Why does the advert not state the salary?

For some vacancies, the salary is negotiated with the company based on the level of expertise and experience that the selected candidate can offer.