Can you save by recruiting directly?

How important is it for you to get the right candidate in the role? What are the costs of getting it wrong? Actually, what are the costs of spending time and money recruiting directly for your company yourself?

Travel organisations may feel recruiting their own staff will cost less than outsourcing this function to a professional travel recruitment agency, but here’s 3 reasons why ‘going it alone’ can often cost you far more:

  1. Advertising and Marketing: Advertising individual travel vacancies using online travel job sites can be costly and time-consuming. Travel recruiters should also consider the time it takes staff to sift through numerous, and sometimes inappropriate applications – of which there can be several hundred – before they can pre-select suitable candidates. At Progressive Travel Recruitment, we have exclusive deals with the leading travel job sites, so we can ensure your advert is in all the right places at the best price and we do the sifting for you to find the right candidate for the company and role because we’ve worked in travel before and have specific knowledge of what your requirements and those of the candidates are.
  2. Time: Calculate an hourly rate for yourself and staff to do the recruitment yourself. By recruiting directly, you will need to post travel job adverts, review and screen CVs and candidates, discuss the role with them, perform background checks, and conduct telephonic and face-to-face interview. A professional travel recruitment company such as Progressive does all this for you, sending you only the most suitable travel candidates to match your requirements.
  3. Lost business: The average time it takes to hire a travel industry employee ranges from 12 to 16 weeks, from posting the travel vacancy to the offer of employment being accepted.  During this time, your travel vacancy may be unfilled, or covered temporarily (at cost). How does this affect your business? By entrusting your travel recruitment in the hands of a specialist travel recruitment agency, you can rest assured you will have access to the best travel candidates in the quickest time, thereby reducing the risk of a long, drawn-out recruitment process.

Hiring new staff can be a very costly process, both in terms of time and financial commitment. At Progressive Travel Recruitment, our expert travel recruitment consultants aim to find you the right person, first time, every time. We can save you valuable time, and unexpected costs, while also adding substantial value to your business.

If you have a travel vacancy that needs to be filled, contact me – I would be happy to show you how our expertise can tackle your travel recruitment challenges.