Business travel consultant vs the virtual assistant

“I’m not a robot” – that’s the word from today’s business travel consultants, especially when one reads the press about the rise of the virtual assistants and mobile tech in servicing the needs of business travellers, which in the past was already deeply transactional by nature.

Business travel agencies and Travel Management Companies are investing in staff that have a good understanding of travel technology and are able to keep up, as it is evolving so quickly – from mobile to augmented reality, the sharing economy to robotics.

Travel bosses and HR managers in travel understand that what differentiates business travel consultants from Siri, is their ability to provide an excellent service experience that cannot be achieved by robotics and automation. It is in fact their ability to hyper-personalise the experience of a business traveller that only a good business travel consultant, with the proper skills at their disposal, can achieve.

Hiring managers, under pressure to deal with rising business travel budgets, will this year need to recruit business travel consultants that want to master new information and technology continuously.

Business travel consultant roles (check out our website for a role that suits you) will take into account the responsibility of consultants in terms of Duty of Care and their ability to influence compliance, as well as cost saving successes. These are just some of the ways in which a business travel agency or TMC can differentiate themselves from their competitors, and the new competition – virtual assistants.

How is your company evolving its business travel consultant role to meet the changing demands of the business travel sector? I would love to hear your views.