How to on-board your new member of staff

You’ve spent hours sourcing candidates, interviewing and negotiating to find and appoint the perfect travel professional for your organisation. You may think your hard work is over. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s important to on-board new staff properly.

Employers need to engage with their new staff member from the time they’re selected. This ensures their employment gets the best possible start and minimises the risk of losing them at an early stage.

Here are my top tips to ensure your new travel employee starts off on the right footing:

1. Employment Contract: Once your job offer has been accepted, send the employment contract (including the full job description, salary, benefits, etc.) to your new recruit before they resign from their current role.  This gives them a chance to review their new travel role carefully and, if necessary, query any of their working conditions and benefits before they start.

2. The First Day: First impressions count. A new employee will remember their first day by who greeted them and how they were looked after. Make a good first impression by ensuring there is a dedicated staff member to welcome your new employee and show them the ropes. Ensure all necessary hardware, software, network access and tools are available and working from day one, and that their office\desk\work environment is ready. It may also be a good idea for your new travel employee to start their first day a few hours later than your other staff so your existing staff have time to settle into their work day before concentrating on the induction process for your new recruit.

3. Training:  76% of new starters state that ‘on the job training’ is the most important aspect in helping them settle into their new travel role. The importance of a mentor for the first few crucial weeks cannot be underestimated. This is an effective way of giving your new starter all the support and confidence they need, without them feeling that they are constantly interrupting other colleagues for assistance.

4. Hold a team lunch: A great way of bringing the travel team together to welcome new staff is to hold a team get-together. It need not be extravagant, but you will find it is a wonderful opportunity to introduce new teammates in a non-threatening, social environment.

5. Other team members: Everyone can remember feeling intimidated or awkward at some stage when starting a new travel role. Talk to your travel team and ask them to be open with their new colleague. Remind them that this new person has been chosen to fit in with, and add something to the team.

Don’t waste time and money going through the recruitment process only to lose your new travel professional due to poor procedures, induction or training practices.

Perhaps you’d like to share some of your own effective onboarding procedures with those of us who work in travel recruitment and staff management?

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