What to ask candidates in a telephone interview

Get to know your travel industry candidates before a face-to-face interview. A telephone interview will allow you to screen and filter your travel applications, so you are only meeting the ideal candidates for your role, and your business.

Here are some of the key questions you should ask in a telephone interview:

1.      What attracted you to this role/company?

Do your candidates sound enthusiastic about the vacancy and passionate about the travel company they are applying for? Their response should indicate if your candidate is genuinely interested in your travel vacancy, and whether believe they have what it takes to succeed in the role.

2.      Why are you leaving your current role?

Understanding a candidates’ motivation for leaving their last role is important. If a candidate’s response is overly negative or not constructive, this may set alarm bells ringing for some employers. Seek out travel candidates who show hunger for a fresh challenge or who have been waiting for an opening with your travel organisation.

3.      What stage are you at in your travel job search?

Are you the first or only employer they have spoken to? Have they applied to any other travel roles, or had any other travel interviews recently? Perhaps they even have another job offer pending? By asking these questions it will enable you to keep a degree of control over the process, and know how quickly you may need to meet them.

4.    Do you have any experience which will help you succeed in this role?

Look for evidence that the applicant has studied the travel job description. They should provide concrete examples of the relevant travel industry experience required. Ideally their answers will also show how they have applied their travel knowledge/experience to provide tangible, measurable results.

5.      What type of work environment do you prefer to work in?

These questions allow you to assess how well the candidate will fit within your travel organisation. Will they need plenty of extra support and assistance or are they self-starters? Do they prefer working alone or are they more of a team player? Sometimes individuals simply aren’t suited to certain working environments, no matter how talented they are.

6.      Do you have any questions?

This could be one of the most important questions to ask. Field any queries that the candidate may have, whether about the travel job or the recruitment process, it could make or break their application. Once you have answered any questions, close the interview by thanking the candidate for their time.

The way an applicant responds to each of the above questions can tell you a lot about them and about just how serious they are about finding a new job in the travel industry. So listen very carefully to what they have to say.

Getting the information you need from telephone interviews is about keeping things simple and looking for evidence that your candidates have the essential travel skills required for the travel role you are recruiting for. When it comes to the face-to-face interviews you will have saved a lot of time by filtering out unsuitable applicants.

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