A rose by any other name…

Listen up all you Chief Inspiration Officers, Grand Masters of Underlings and Sales Ninjas out there! When I’m recruiting for your dream job, fancy titles are going to a) make me laugh or b) gloss right over you.

It may be terribly mundane, but the more adventurous you are with your title, the less likely your profile is going to stand out in the sea of applicants vying for that dream travel role.

If your title of “dream maker”, “journey planner” or “creative designer of holidays” is just a fancy way to say travel consultant, consider changing your title back to something more commonly known, if not a little boring.

You can always refer to the official title elsewhere in our CV or online description, but when we are searching for the perfect applicant, we’re unlikely to search for you using the exotic title you’ve been awarded.

What’s more, the title you have, could impact on the type of job you can apply for. If you were the director of your own company previously and have decided to go back into the corporate world, this may tell a prospective employer that you would only be interested in a manager’s role. Try not to oversell yourself with a flashy job title as you will more than likely be overlooked.

Also remember, the title you bear should reflect the competencies you have. If you’re the designated CEO of a company, your skills should be commensurate with this title no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Finally, the CV and LinkedIn profile of someone in a senior position should reflect the strategic nature of your role. That means, less detail about operational tasks and more information about actual strategic achievements that you have personally been responsible for or involved in.

The key to finding the right role for you is to have a title that is easily recognisable, be honest about what you actually do, and craft a CV that reflects that.

Yours in travel,


Specialist Talent Identifier Expert

Progressive Travel Recruitment’s expert recruitment consultants have all worked in travel previously. We understand how important it is to find that dream travel role, and have relationships with the companies that are on your wish-list.

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