5 Ways to Keep your Top Performers

It’s no secret that some employees perform better than others. And while it takes all kinds of people to make a great travel team, high performers are every company’s most valuable resource. These are the staff members who bring the greatest value to your business and to your customers, so it pays to do find ways to keep your top performers happy, engaged and alongside you for the long run.

Contrary to popular belief, managing high-performers does not mean just doing nothing and leaving them to it. They may thrive from flying solo on occasion, but even the best employees need support from their managers to achieve continued success.

All too often, travel job seekers tell us that they are happy with their work environment and company culture, yet feel unchallenged or unfulfilled by their current role. If they see no room for diversity or career advancement, you may find they begin to look for new challenges elsewhere.

With experienced team members becoming harder to find and the cost of employing new staff on the rise, it makes sense to find ways to keep your top performers and good travel talent from moving elsewhere.

Here are 5 steps that will help you keep your top performers:

1 Create clear pathways for growth and advancement – If your top employees do not see a clear career path or opportunities for development, then they may not consider a future with your company. Set aside time to chart out a career plan, with clear milestones and training along the way.

2 Offer a flexible job structure – Can your job roles be split to enable employees to gain experience in other areas of your business? Can some of your high turnover roles be structured to include another dimension to the usually repetitive nature? For example, could a reservations staff member be rotated to the product team once a week?

3 Keep them entertained – Most top performers are always looking for something new and interesting to do. Satisfy that need by providing them with a constant stream of interesting assignments and projects. Need some new ideas on cutting costs or promoting your business via social media? Invite them to get involved.

4 Show them they are valued – Some people like getting feedback privately, others publicly. Some prefer it via email, others in person. Some care little about words and more about actions or rewards such as bonuses, bigger projects or leadership opportunities. If your employee is amazing, make sure they know their work is valued and appreciated. If you don’t know how they like to receive recognition, ask.

5 Make them responsible and then reward them – The stronger the employee, the more they will thrive on being challenged by work assignments. While they may occasionally make mistakes, or even fail, don’t hesitate to assign important assignments to your top performers. And when they do perform well, don’t forget to reward them for all their hard work.

If you have a high performer on your team, get ready to do the hard work of keeping them engaged. One in five employees advise they plan to leave their company in the next six months – make sure your top employees are not one of them. Sure, it will take more effort on your part to find ways to keep your top performers, but think how much effort it will take to replace them.

How do you keep your staff engaged? We’d love to hear your ideas below.