5 strategies to retain top travel talent

Happy staff are loyal staff. Retention of key travel staff is critical for your travel company’s culture and long-term success.

When a vital employee leaves, you’re forced to recruit, train and educate all over again. This process can often be difficult, time consuming and costly. Studies have found that staff turnover can cost an average of 21% of an employee’s salary.

Here are my 5 strategies to retain your valuable travel talent:

1. Show respect for your travel employees: When you treat your travel team professionally and with dignity, they have a reason to deliver their best work for you. An employee may love their travel role, and indeed be well paid, but any perceived lack of respect by management may reduce their long-term commitment

2. Educate: Be open to investing time and money into your travel employees’ career path. By offering regular and relevant travel training, you are ensuring your travel employees have the tools and support they need to succeed and stay.

3. Recognise and reward good work: Praising your travel staff for a job well done can be highly motivating. Monetary bonuses are always appreciated, but recognition of success or hard work goes a long way to creating goodwill and loyalty. To retain your travel talent, make them feel appreciated, respected and worthwhile. Undervalued or unappreciated employees may feel the need to look elsewhere.

4. Make your employees feel like an asset to your company: We all want to feel like a useful member of the travel team, not just a number. Your employees will appreciate you knowing who they are (by name), and what they do (a valued role in the team). Ask for your employees’ feedback about rules or necessary changes, to make them feel included. Encourage goal-setting and let them make their own choices as often as possible.

5. Cultivate Culture: Everyone needs some time away from the computer, even while ‘at work’. Make it a point to have a regular social gathering for your travel team during work hours. For example, a casual policy where co-workers can socialise over refreshments at 4.30pm on a Friday. Provide some inexpensive perks and make them feel valued. Other ways to de-stress and boost employee engagement and morale include having evening outings, operating a wellness programme and celebrating birthdays.

Ultimately, it’s about appreciating your top talent and making them aware of such acknowledgement. In addition to these suggestions, ask your travel employees what they are looking for in their work environment and what they feel is important to them.

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