4 easy steps to finding your dream travel role

When the dust settles on your ambitious New Years’ resolutions one month in to the New Year and you’re still not happy with where your career is going, there’s no better time than the present to take the bull by the horns and find your dream travel role.

Finding happiness in the workplace, however, requires a certain amount of reflection and preparation so you don’t slip back into the grasp of ‘just a job’ you’ll end up hating again.

What’s going to be different this time?

That’s your departure point for finding a new travel role. What would you like to change about your current position? What else would you like to do? What would constitute a dream job? What benefits matter the most to you? What’s on your wish-list? What are your top priorities? Being honest with yourself about what your ideal job, work environment and employer will help you choose wisely when seeking your dream travel role.

Do some research

Take some time to list the companies for which you would like to work? The types of positions that are available? What type of company culture would fit you best fit? And what future career opportunities there would be if growth within a company is important to you? Assess what’s happening in the market place. Get to grips with the newest trends in your field so that you can speak authoritatively about them and are aware how they will impact on your dream travel role in future.

Put your best foot forward

Now it’s time for you to shine. Make sure that you’ve updated your CV (click here for our template) and written a compelling profile summary as it is often what will make the recruiter read further and delve in to the detail.  Ensure that, like your CV, your LinkedIn profile is updated fully and don’t be shy about listing your achievements. Try to gather as many recommendations and endorsements of your skills as possible. Remember, perspective employers are going to look at your profile online, as well as your CV, so your Facebook profile, Twitter handle and any other social media needs to take that in to account. Have you Googled yourself lately?

Turn to the experts

Now it’s time to turn to expert recruitment consultants in your field to help you find that dream travel role. Your recruitment consultant should have hands-on experience in the industry so that they understand the challenges and opportunities of working in that industry and sift through all the information to find roles that fit your already defined wish-list. What’s more is that they are connected within the industry and can help polish your profile to match the travel role you most desire.

Progressive Travel Recruitment’s expert recruitment consultants have all worked in travel previously. We understand how important it is to find that dream travel role, and have relationships with the companies that are on your wish-list.

If you require assistance in finding your dream travel role, please visit our website and submit your CV or search for a position in your field.

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